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Introducing the 2022 Theme

At WinShape Camps, we are committed to serving our campers and their families through every aspect of camp; and our camp theme is no exception! By the time campers show up for camp one summer, we are already well on our way to planning an amazing camp theme for the next summer.  

This preparation happens through a team of WinShape Camps full-time staff members from all different camp programs. As we plan for each summer’s theme, we FIRST seek the Lord for our ultimate leadership. We ask His guidance as we select a theme that will be relevant, powerful, and engaging. Our goal is to meet campers and families where they are and show them something in God’s word that can impact their life for the good! 

For summer 2022, we felt led to take Jesus up on His word that we can know the truth and it can set us free (John 8:32). And what better place to launch into this theme than in space?! 

More to Discover When We Explore…

We know that life is a huge adventure – exciting and thrilling, but if we are honest, we know it can also be a little bit scary. In some ways, the adventure of life can feel like being launched into space, where there is so much to explore and there are so many opportunities to discover new things! 

And, along the way, there will come new challenges to tackle. In those moments, it’s possible to feel stuck or overwhelmed by fear or confusion. But here’s the awesome thing—we don’t have to stay stuck in place or face those challenges alone! John 8:32 tells us we can know the truth and the truth WILL set us free. Jesus has told us that He is the Truth (John 14:6). When we follow Him as we explore life, we discover we’re not like lone astronauts trying to figure things out on our own. Instead, He provides all we need to navigate through life. . . through all the fun opportunities, all the challenges, and all the unknowns.  

Let’s Explore This Summer’s Truths!

1. Explore Jesus, Discover Truth

2. Explore His Word, Discover the Plan

3. Explore His Love, Discover Connection

4. Explore His Spirit, Discover Direction

5. Explore The Truth, Discover Freedom

So, join us for a grand space adventure at WinShape Camps 2022 as we discover there really is more to explore! 

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