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Important Dates 2023

Look Out for the Important Dates 🔍

Who else is counting down the days, hours, and minutes to camp!? Our team certainly is and we’re here to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Mark these important dates on your calendar to remind yourself of these upcoming deadlines.

WinShape Overnight Camps

Overnight Camps Half Payment Deadline:

One of the first big dates to be on top of is the half payment deadline. This is the date that your registration costs should be at least halfway covered. If you register your camper for summer 2023 in 2022, then your payment needs to be halfway complete by February 1st, 2023. If you have already or are planning to register for summer 2023 in the first three months of next year, your half payment is due on March 1st, 2023.

Parents who register after March 1st will not have a half payment deadline; however, the entire cost of camp will be due on May 3rd.

Overnight Camps Handbook Release:

Every Overnight Camps parent will receive a Handbook for their camp experience. The handbook contains a ton of information about your camper’s experience specific to the location they’re attending. Handbooks include arrival information, packing lists, camp-wide events (aka Nite Lifes, Late Nights), and information about how to access photos of your camper at camp.

Keep your eyes peeled for this release in Spring 2023!

Overnight Camps Payment Deadline:

To make sure we’ve dotted all the “i”s and crossed all the “t”s before summer, we ask that all families finalize their camp cost payments by May 3rd, 2023 no matter when you’ve registered.

Overnight Camps Camp Doc Health Profile Deadline:

You can’t spell “FUN” without “PAPERWORK”. Well — you can — but you can’t come to camp without completing your Camp Doc Health Profile and camp is fun. Paperwork includes any physicals, insurance documents, immunization records, or photo releases that you’ll find in your account on WinShapeCamps.org.

Paperwork is due for all overnight campers by May 3rd, 2023. This allows our nurses and staff to review any necessary documents before your arrival.

(NOTE that all Health Profiles incomplete after the deadline will result in a $35 fee added to your account. We don’t want that to be you! You got this!) 👏

Overnight Camps Skill Request Deadline:

Horseback, Archery, and Hand Crafts OH MY! At camp, we offer skills that campers can choose to specialize in while at camp! Like our Health Profile, skill requests are due by May 3rd, 2023 for ALL overnight campers.

Overnight Camps Cabinmate Request Deadline:

Did someone say, roomies?! Our overnight campers have the opportunity to request a roommate! The deadline for making these requests is April 5th, 2023. While requests are not always guaranteed, we will do our BEST. Please refer to our FAQ page for cabinmate request guidelines.

WinShape Camps for Communities

Communities Locations and Dates Released:

Want to find out if we’re bringing truckloads of fun to your community this summer? These 2023 Locations and Dates are coming in January 2023!

Communities Registration Opens:

Sending your camper to one of our day camps in Summer 2023?! Registration for ALL locations opens on March 6th at 9am, local time.

Communities Payment Deadline:

For our day camp locations, payment is simple. There are no half-payment dates to remember. Your full payment is due 30 days before your camp session. Like we said, easy-peasy.

Communities Medical Form Deadline:

The Medical forms for our day campers are due 30 days before the camp session.  The exception is for our Florida camps. Florida Campers will need to have their medical forms notarized and brought with them to camp on Monday morning.

WinShape Family Camp

Family Camp Summer Registration Deadline:

Already registered for one of our Fall WinShape Family Camps? Awesome! Want to register for Summer 2023? Great!! Registration for Summer 2023 opens on September 7th. Keep an eye out for more updates so that you can secure a spot for your family in one of these fun-packed family weekend getaways!

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Stay up-to-date with everything going on in WinShape Nation by downloading the WinShape Camps App from your app store. Sign up for push notifications to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these important dates!

We hope these dates and deadlines help you on your road to summer! Always feel free to contact our Customer Experience Team at 844-WSCAMPS (844-972-2677).