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How to "WIN" with the WinShape App

How to “WIN” with the WinShape Camps App

Do you know the “Happy Cheer?” Made famous by our founder S. Truett Cathy when he would visit his Chick-fil-A Franchises, the “Happy Cheer” is deeply ingrained in the WinShape Camps DNA. It starts out when someone yells to a crowd “Is Everybody Happy?!”

Everyone in the group then responds “YEAH MAN!” Then in rhythm, the crowd spells out “h-a-P-P-y” going an octave higher as you say the “P-P” in the middle.

We like making people H-A-P-P-Y at camp — and this year, we’ve gone the extra mile to make you a little extra happy using the WinShape Camps app-y. (Sorry, that was cheesy).

We’ve completely reorganized the WinShape Camps app to make it more resourceful and user-friendly for all your camp needs!

Tips to Get Ready for Your Session

Getting ready for camp can feel like a lot! We’ve pulled together some key resources to help you get ready for the Summer of a Lifetime! Check out an abbreviated version of the Handbook which includes things like packing lists and medical information. In the “Get Ready” section, you’ll also find our theme song and the music video to go along with it. Lastly, we’ve included a quick link to check out all of our Camp-Wide Events that happen during the week of camp. You’ll want to know those for packing!

The First Day of Camp

Called “Spectacular Starting Sunday” at our overnight camp locations, we’ve put a few things in the App that will help you get to camp! The biggest two to highlight are what’s called our “Drive-In Track” and a new project we’re working on called “Meet Your Counselor!”

The Drive-In Track is a special message featuring our directors to listen to as you drive on to campus for drop-off. Since parents won’t get out of their cars this year at our overnight camp locations, we’re going to be filming a short introduction of all 230 of our overnight counselors so you can see who your kids are hanging out with all week!

While the Kid(s) Away

Once you’ve taken your camper to camp, the thing you’re going to want to access the MOST is our daily photos. Each morning by lunchtime, our photographers will be uploading photos from the day before to our new photo platform called “Waldo.” For just $9.99 a session, parents can get text alerts when a photo of their camper is posted, however, if you just want to scroll through the photo galleries, this link will get you there in fewer clicks!

Chick-fil-A Friday Family Fun Day

Typically, Chick-fil-A Friday Family Fun Day is an in-person experience for the whole family! To reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 this year, we had to make the call a few months ago to restrict the number of people on campus. That’s just one of the many safety measures we decided on as we planned this summer months in advance. However, we didn’t want families to miss out on all the fun!

In the Friday Family Fun Day section, we’ll have quick access to your session recap video, announce the winners of the Raving Fan Parking Lot, and share some special announcements like our Summer 2022 theme!

After Your Session of Camp

Want to find out more about everything your camper learned at camp? We’ve designed Family Moments as a way to talk about each of the truths we taught at camp this summer. They go in-depth about what each truth means, the scripture we used for that truth, and gives you some questions to ask your campers so you can process altogether. Each truth also has a video that goes with it for the whole family to watch!

Extra Goodies

We’ve still got a ton of bonus content on the app that has nothing to do with this summer. You can watch previous Camp Shorts that we showed during previous summers at camp. We’ve also got a ton of at-home skills that your family can enjoy together even when camp is not in session.

On top of all of these awesome enhancements, downloading the WinShape Camps app also gives us the ability to share important news and updates with your and your family as we go throughout the summer and beyond! We even have notifications for specific locations!

We hope these new features help you navigate the Summer of a Lifetime better than ever and we look forward to seeing you this summer at WinShape Camps!