Give the Gift of Camp 2020

Good News & Great Joy

Ahhhhhhh — it’s that time of year again! TV commercials are all featuring holiday lights, the grocery stores seem a little more crowded than usual and parents and grandparents are faced with sheer panic about what will be under the tree when their kids wake up on December 25th. Well, panic no more. We know the perfect gift — here are 7 reasons to give your campers the gift of overnight camp this Christmas!

1. Shipping is always free!

The shipping wars have never been so heated! First, there was free shipping, then free two-day shipping, then one-day and so on. Before long these retailers will start building a warehouse in your neighborhood so they can just toss boxes out the window to your front door! While deals are nice, there are all sorts of stipulations when it comes to shipping. Between spending minimums and “order by” dates — it can all get pretty stressful. Here at WinShape, the shipping is always free! You might be saying to yourself “isn’t it free because they don’t actually ship anything?” Just keep reading 😉

2. One size fits all

WinShape Camps has something for everyone! Whether you have boys or girls, athletes or artists, elementary age or high school age — if you’ve got a kid, we’ve got something for them. We offer Horseback Riding, Flag Football, Calligraphy, Gymnastics, Gourmet Chef, Wacky Science, and so much more! And the best part, your camper gets to pick what they want to do! It’s like wrapping their favorite gift INSIDE of their favorite gift!

3. Batteries not included, because they’re not needed

No batteries. No Wifi. No complicated packaging. And DEFINITELY, nothing to buy an extended warranty on. Camp is the gift that will get your kid’s noses out of their iPads and into the great outdoors. The only thing you’ll stay up late trying to figure out is what you’re going to do with all your free time while your kids are at camp.

4. Our reviews on Amazon would be top-notch

When we talk about next-level summer experiences, we mean it! We want the families who attend camp to have the best experience possible! To ensure that camp has been worth their investment, we send out surveys each year to a large group of parents to get their feedback. Two of the most important questions we look at are the ‘Parent Satisfaction Rate’ and the ‘Camper Satisfaction Rate’. Our camp locations consistently average a 4.9 out of 5 across all of our overnight camp locations in those two categories. How could you go wrong giving a gift that kids and parents love so much (watch)?! 

5. A deal better than any doorbuster out there

In case you haven’t heard, WinShape Camps is paying 50% for first-time overnight campers to attend any of our one-week, or two-week overnight locations! Plus you won’t run the risk of getting stomped on in a stampede at the door at 3am. We’ll keep dollars in your piggy bank, and put change in your summer. PLUS —  Learn more about our 50% gift here.

6. We’ve got a little something to put under the tree

We’ve got something awesome for your camper! If you register between November 16th and December 18th AND you fill out this form, we’ll send you a LIMITED EDITION “I’ve Been Eating BoSki” lunchbox for each camper that registers! If you don’t recognize the phrase “I’ve Been Eating Boski”, it comes from one of our campers’ favorite cheers at camp.

7. It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime!

It won’t rust, run out, grow old, get dusty or get lost in between the seat cushions. Camp is an experience filled with good news and great joy creating memories that will last for eternity. We don’t call it life-changing, memory-making, adventure-taking awesomeness for nothing! This could change their lives forever. Your kids will make friends, try new things, stay active and have unforgettable fun all while growing in their faith. They will never stop talking about it! It’s truly the #SummerOfALifetime.