Introducing (Sort of): Pay-As-You-Go

Helping Families Pay For Camp

Over 6 years ago, we introduced something that changed the game for families who wanted to give their kids an awesome and impactful summer — a 50% gift for all first-time overnight campers. We wanted to give more families the opportunity to help make summer awesome for their kids. We also knew that once kids got a taste of camp that they would love it for life and want to be a part of it for a long time.

We realize that camp is a BIG investment for your family, and that it only gets bigger after your first summer. For some families, the large chunk of change is more than you might be comfortable dropping at one time. That’s why we’re putting some fresh perspective on something that’s been there all along.

Introducing (Sort Of): Pay-As-You-Go! Keep dollars in your piggy bank while putting change in your summer. When you register for an overnight camp with WinShape Camps, you can spread your payments across as many as 8 months at no additional cost. As long as you maintain a few milestones along the way, your camper gets to keep their spot for next summer.

So what are the milestones? 

Milestone 1: Initial Deposit

Whew — that was easy. Your spot is reserved. This will help most families avoid getting stuck on a waitlist. The deposit for a one-week camp is $150 and for a two-week camp is $250.

Milestone 2: Half Payment Deadline

If you register in the Fall, we ask that you’ve paid half the cost by the first Wednesday in February. If you register in the new year, we ask you to pay half by the first Wednesday in March.

Milestone 3: Final Payment Deadline

No matter when you register, all final payments are due by the first Wednesday in May.

The earlier you register, the smaller your payments will be. For instance, a mom who registers her camper at WinShape Camps for Boys at Cleveland on September 6th when registration opens will pay $150 on that day. Once she’s made that payment, mom could turn on auto-pay, and on the first Wednesday of every month we’ll take out about the payment of less than $100. That family will hit their 2nd milestone with their January payment and their 3rd milestone with the May payment.

Plus, next summer if you choose to register your camper during the Early Registration window, you could divide that payment up even more. *Early registration deposit for one-week $100 and for two-week is $150

It’s as easy at it sounds — Pay-As-You-Go! Don’t let the cost of camp keep your camper from coming back for another summer of a lifetime! Let us help you get your camper back for another awesome adventure by taking advantage today!

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