Why Register in September

3 Big Benefits of Registering Early

School is back in session, leaves are starting to fall, and there is a coolness to the air teasing the start of the season of football and pumpkin spice everything. Whether it’s beach trips or amusement park visits, chances are you’re still feeling refreshed from the awesome things that filled your summer.

While we may just be getting out of summer mindset and back into a routine, now is the best time to start thinking about your plans for next summer! In fact, that’s exactly what we’re doing here at WinShape Camps! Registration for our overnight camps in Summer 2020 opens to the public on September 4th and we’re ready!

Here are 3 benefits of thinking ahead and registering early…

Avoid The Dreaded Waitlist 

Believe it or not, the only people who’ve had a chance to register for 2020 are campers who attended last summer — and we already have 2,638 campers signed up! Every camp locations capacity is different. Some of them have enough capacity where they won’t fill up until spring, but some of them ALREADY have a waitlist. In fact, our two-week camp locations already have a combined waitlist of 200 campers!

If you’ve ever been on the waitlist, you know what it’s like. Every day you’re checking your email to see if your camper has been given a spot. When you haven’t heard anything in a few days, you call to get an update of where you are on the waitlist. It’s no fun. BUT even if you do register in September and end up on a waitlist, your chances of getting in go up significantly.

Based on numbers, we’re able to adjust cabins for certain age groups and make changes that let more campers in. Since the waitlist is first-come, first-served, your chances go up the earlier you get on the waitlist.

Get An Early Bird Discount

Many parents don’t know this, but we actually have an early bird discount for RETURNING families who register before September 30th. If you’re registering for a one-week overnight camp, the early bird discount is $20. If you’re registering for a two-week overnight camp, you can save $35 on the cost of camp. While these aren’t HUGE savings, every dollar counts and that’s a little money you can put towards something else!

Plus — don’t forget if you’re NEW to our overnight camps, we have a 50% gift! We pay half the cost for all first-time overnight campers! We also have a Pay-As-You-Go plan that lets you break up the cost of camp over the course of several months. The earlier you register, the lower your payments are between now and May.

More Time to Prepare

The earlier you register for camp, the more time you have to prepare for summer! Once your spot is secured, you lose the stress of the unknowns and can start to plan ahead. Many parents take advantage of their camp plans when it comes to celebrating their kid’s birthday or Christmas by giving them gifts to get them ready for summer.

It also gives your kids something to look forward to! You can easily remind them about their summer plans whenever school starts to get tough or things just aren’t going their way.

And if all of those reasons aren’t enough, the other benefit is that registered families find out news and updates about camp before anyone. If you’re registered, you’ll be the first to know about our Nite Lifes and Camp Wide Events! We’ll be sure you’re in the loop with things like new Skills and Theme Song Releases.

So the question is, what are you waiting for?! Registration for overnight camps opens on September 4th at 9am EDT. Mark your calendars and be sure not to miss out on the Summer of a Lifetime!

Register On September 4th!

Opens at 9am EDT