Sunday Funday: A Family Experience

We don’t have to tell you that families these days are busy. Between school, work, soccer practice, visiting the grandparents, birthday parties, gymnastics, grocery shopping, and keeping the house clean, the list never seems to end. You have non-stop demands stretching you every which way. While we know it’s hard to find some time to just be with your family, we wanted to give you a way to fill the precious moments you do have together with something everyone will love.

Introducing Sunday Funday!

Win some time back for the family! Sunday Funday is your chance to take a break on Sundays to reconnect as a family. We’ve created an experience exclusive to the WinShape Camps app to help you do just that! Our tour guides, Blake and Tiffany, will take us on a journey through the life of David by sharing the 5 key Truths we are teaching at camp this Summer. At each stop, we’ve created multiple activities for you to do together.


Each truth will include an activity in these categories:

1. Let’s Go 

Micro-adventures that won’t take you too far, but let you explore all new things.

2. Let’s Play 

A game or activity everyone will enjoy. Maybe even be a little competitive.

3. Let’s Eat 

The best conversations happen with food. We’ll give you some questions to ask while enjoying a snack relevant to the truth.

4. Let’s Serve 

A chance for your family to think of others and how to make an impact along the journey.

How It Works

We invite you to go at your own pace on this journey.  With each stop, there are the 4 activities mentioned above. Some families may want to do all 4 activities in the same Sunday. Other families might want to do “Let’s Go” one Sunday, “Let’s Play” the next Sunday, and so on. We give you the freedom to go at your own pace, but also a chance for families to join in at any point in the year.

Don’t let busy schedules keep you from enjoying your time as a family together! Download the WinShape Camps app today. Pile in, buckle up and let’s go on an adventure, together!

Don't miss out on this Family Experience!

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