WinShape Camps Bucket List: Mount Berry

Your Mount Berry Bucket List 🪣

Getting excited for more memory-making awesomeness at camp this summer?! Our team certainly is. We decided… what better way to pave the way for the Summer of a Lifetime than a Blog series dedicated to getting the MOST out of your time at camp? We’ve created camp-specific WinShape Camps Bucket Lists! This first one is for our Mount Berry campers but hold onto your s’mores sticks because the rest will be released every month leading up to this summer!

At camp, we program an ample amount of fun into every camp day. A lot of the things you’ll do at camp are part of our programming, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there! These Bucket list items are curated from YOUR responses to our Instagram poll, and additional responses from our full-time staff (previous campers themselves. 😉) Here are a few things you can do on your own to create memories that will last a lifetime…

1. Find a flag at Sock War (or even better WIN Sock War)

At Mount Berry, Sock War is one of our longest-running traditions and most awaited activities! Finding one of the hidden flags at Sock war is an experience like no other. The excitement paired with the fear of getting hit with a sock before you make it to the team captain is a serious adrenaline rush. Many of our campers form flag-finding teams just to get the job done. So, pack your camo and start the countdown. Sock War 2022 is going to get real!

2. Roast the perfect S’more

No matter how you like your marshmallows; whether you slowly rotisserie your mallow’ to get that wonderful golden glow or prefer yours burnt and crispy, there is no better feeling than biting into a hand-crafted s’more that is roasted JUST to your liking.

3. Make it to the top of the Indoor Rock Wall

If you’ve never rock climbed before, maybe your goal is to make it to the top of ANY wall. Or for you expert climbers out there, maybe you want to conquer the most difficult wall or beat your record time? Either way, you can add this to your personal Mount Berry bucket list of fun!

4. Make it across The Lake Expo (without falling in..)

Even our Summer Staffers will tell you that this is a phenomenal feat. Our giant inflatable on The Lake (lovingly known as “the Expo”) is filled with obstacles. Test your balance on the lily pads, and show your strength on the monkey bars. Many have tried, and few have succeeded in crossing these hurdles and making it all the way around without falling in AT LEAST once.

5. Win “The Summit” or “Council of the Wilds” with your Village or Pack

At Mount Berry, we have a magical and sacred tradition of gathering around a fire, dressing up in Village/Pack colors, and showing our pride in story and song! Our Girls Camp calls this event “The Summit” while Boys Camp refers to it as the “Council of the Wilds.” It is always a tight competition, but only one Village or Pack will emerge victorious! This coveted title of Summit or Council of the Wilds champion is on just about every campers bucket list! Which Village or Pack will bring the most hype this summer?!

6. Make a Hobo

At WinShape, a Hobo is a meal (typically eaten around a campfire) that campers create themselves out of a long line of delicious ingredients. We’re not exactly sure what makes these aluminum-foil-wrapped, oven-baked meals so extraordinary… but they have been around almost as long as WinShape Camps!

7. Experience Mount Berry’s Adventure Program

At Mount Berry, our oldest campers have the chance to participate in the Adventure Program! These campers will spend most of their time away from campus, experiencing all that nature has to offer. Backpacking, repelling, caving, whitewater rafting, and MORE! Consider adding this to your Mount Berry bucket list if you love the outdoors and want to round out your camp experience with the ultimate adventure!

Now that we’ve gotten the ideas flowing, you can create your own Summer 2022 bucket list. And if you aren’t registered yet for next summer, don’t wait! Secure your spot today!

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