DIY: More to Explore Space Ornament

Christmas + Space = The Coolest DIY Ever 🎄🪐⭐

Who doesn’t enjoy a little DIY to gather the family and ring in the Christmas cheer! Our team recently had an ornament decorating “meeting” 😉 and we can attest… the holiday spirit was overflowing. We’ve provided some instructions on how you can incorporate our Summer 2022, “More to Explore” theme on your ornament. This is YOUR ornament though! Decorate however your heart desires! Just put on your creative Santa hats and let’s get to DIY’ing!

Supply List

Step-by-Step: 👟

1.  Start by setting up your area.


2. Drill a hole in the top of the wood slice for your string. (with the help of a parent or guardian of course.)


3. Paint your wood slice (if you wish to have a background color) 🎨


4. Set aside to dry.


5. Using a pencil, trace the wood slice around the picture or the cutout of your choosing.


6. Cut the picture. ✂️


7. Using Mod Podge, apply to the wood slice and place the picture on top.


8. Apply Mod Podge over the top of your picture and let dry. ⏲️


9.  After this is dry, add the finishing touches!! (glitter, ✨  paint, 🎨 whatever your mind dreams up! 🪐)


10. Place a string through the hole in your wood slice and WALLAH!


Now all that’s left is to hang your ornament on the tree! We hope this DIY brings you and your family some joy this Christmas. We want to see all of your creations, so don’t be scared to show them off! Post to your social media and tag us @winshapecamps !!

Merry Christmas WinShape fam! We love you all SO very much and hope that this Christmas season you get to soak in the wonder and beauty of Jesus with the ones you love.

Give Camp for Christmas!

Give Camp for Christmas!