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Raving Fan Parking Lot 2023

Making parking lots fun since 1985

Grab the Car Paint and streamers, and GET EXCITED! The Raving Fan Parking Lot (RFPL) Competition is BACK! This summer, the Raving Fan Parking Lot Competition is returning to all Overnight Camp Locations! We are so excited to see your Camp Spirit come to life! 🥳

Raving Fan Parking Lot at Overnight Camps

Spectacular Sunday is going to be incredible this year! This is YOUR opportunity to go all-out for your camp spirit! Each Sunday we will have our binoculars ready to check out all of the best-decorated cars! This summer, our theme is The Wonder Chronicles, and we want to see all your storybook wonder when you’re decorating your car! Or maybe – you want to deck your car out in village, pack, club, or squad colors! We love seeing all of your camp pride! OR maybe – you know some camp songs, and you want to decorate your car with some camp lyrics.

The Grand Prize

Everyone who participates in the Raving Fan Parking Lot will receive a little thank you for participating. But even better, all of our participants will be entered into a drawing for our GRAND PRIZE of a Nebula by Anker Projector, valued at $679! Winner will be announced on August 7th.


How Do I Enter?

“Sounds great! But how do I enter?” All you have to do is show up to camp with your car decorated, and we’ll be ready to greet you! You should receive a little card with some instructions and a QR code to fill out your entry form! Then… you’ll just have to wait and see whose car is randomly selected at the end of the summer!

Keep your eyes out leading up to summer as we put together some tips and tricks for how you can WOW the WinShape Nation with your totally-epic, incredibly-awesome arrival vehicle! Ready! Set! Decorate!

Ready, Set, Decorate!

Ready, Set, Decorate!