Host Rally: We're Better Together

The Summer of a Lifetime Starts Here

While the chilly temperatures and short days might not reflect it, summer is ON here at WinShape Camps as we begin the year with a BANG at our annual Host Rally!

What Is Host Rally?

WinShape Camps for Communities will take their day camp experience to 80+ cities around the country in 2022! (more on that soon) In order to bring WinShape to a community, our team partners with a host church and a locally-owned Chick-fil-A restaurant in the area. WinShape provides the Summer Staff, programming, and most of the equipment to help teleport campers into a whole new world while never (or barely) leaving their home zip code. However, while camp is in town for just 5 days, a ton of work goes into making those 5 days happen. That’s where our church hosts come in!

“Host Rally is an opportunity for us to get excited for the summer and prepare hosts for success,” says the Team Lead for Host Development, Tory Vore. “We also love the opportunity to really pour into our hosts and create experiences that are fulfilling, encouraging, and challenging. Ultimately, our goal with Host Rally is to add value to our Hosts who give so much to help make camp a reality.”


We’re Better Together

As believers, togetherness is essential to the communities we build and the change we fight for. Each location we send the WinShape experience to pulls together a team of people to help make camp a truly community-wide event. This team prepares the facilities, recruits volunteers, raises scholarships, gets the word out to families and so much more! Host Rally is a multi-day conference where we bring all of the hosts, many of whom are kid’s pastors, along with the teams they’ve assembled from their community. We also invite the local Chick-fil-A restaurant to send a representative to see the important role they play in continuing the legacy of our shared founder, S. Truett Cathy. Our goal is not just to equip our hosts and partners with information, but to encourage them in the vital role they play in bringing their communities together.

Host Rally 2022 sessions will include talks from keynote speakers like Grant Patrick, Dr. Henry Cloud, Jim Davis and Michael Aitcheson, and Chinwe´ Williams, Ph.D. Hosts will also get to choose from a range of digital breakout sessions that will teach them anything from how to market WinShape in their community, to how they can pursue their communities well after camp!

Keep Up with Host Rally

Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on January 19th and 20th and we share a few highlights from the event! We can’t wait to see you soon for the Summer of a Lifetime! Interested in hosting camp in your community? Check this out.