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Friday Nite Life: Game Nite Craze

What is a Friday Nite Life?

You’ve heard of “Friday night lights,” but have you heard about Friday Nite Lifes?! WinShape Camps for Girls and Boys are known for their epic night time events, sometimes called Nite Lifes. We’re taking some of these parties and revamping them so you and your family can celebrate Friday Nite Lifes in style while you stay home. Whether it’s having a Hawaiian Luau or celebrating everything that is sparkly, we’ll give you a list of ideas to make your Friday nights special at home.

This Friday, it’s Game Nite Craze

Are you looking for fun activity to do with the whole family? How about bringing to life your favorite board games! Below we have a perfect game night for the family – filled with some messiness and fun! Freshen up on your board game skills with the family as we add a twist to them! The nite is sure to get exciting as we bring to LIFE the board games you know and love!

What You’ll Need

How to Prepare

Each game is setup up as a station in or around your home. Organize each station into bins for set up and tear down. For each station, utilize anything you already have at home that might work for the game. Campers (aka your kids) can make their way through each station relay style, or choose their own adventure by trying whichever station they would like in whatever order they would like.

Game Stations

Chutes & Ladders

The classic game of Chutes & Ladders involves a game board. Each player progresses through a set of squares (typically labeled 1-100) by spinning a wheel and moving the number of spaces the wheel lands on. If the square the land on has a ladder, they move up to the end of the ladder and closer to the 100 square. If they land on a chute, the move down to the end of that chute, and further away from the 100 square.

If you have outdoor space: Create small obstacles throughout your yard with balloons, pool noodles, slip & slide, kiddie pool, plastic jars and cups, hula hoops, squirt guns, or anything else you may have to add for fun outside. You can also utilize chalk on sidewalk as a part of the obstacle course. This can be as short or long as you would like it to be!

If you want to keep it inside: Create different obstacles throughout your home – it can be in your kids’ bedroom or in your living room – wherever you see it fit best. This can be done with sofa cushions, painters tape as a balance beam, books, blindfolding portion, cones, or anything else you may have at home. This can be as short or long as you would like it to be!



Use tape and string on a wall or any stable structure at home to create a web maze for your kids to go through. Create zig zags and lines going all which ways while still making sure it is possible for the campers to make it through the maze. The goal will be to make it through the maze without touching any of the lines, such as you would try to not to touch the sides in the game Operation.

For this station you’ll need:

Candy Land

This station will be where kids get a break from games and enjoy some snacks and drinks.

For this station you’ll need:

Don’t Step In It

This activity should be done outside.

Kids will play a life-size game “Don’t Step In It” where they will partner up and one partner will be blindfolded while the other partner will be the one giving instructions. A big tart will be set out with lots of messy items poured randomly throughout but still far enough apart for someone to squeeze through. The non-blindfolded partner will be calling out instructions for the blindfolded partner to try and walk across without stepping in anything. Once across, partners will switch and the other will put on the blindfold and go.

For this station you’ll need:

Hungry Hungry Hippo

This game will be the same as outside but just making sure to have a big tarp set up under the plates full of whip cream that kids will be getting messy in.

Kids will partner up and get in the wheelbarrow position: one camper on their hands while the other camper is holding up their feet. They will start at the starting line and then wheelbarrow race to where plates full of gummy worms hidden in whipped cream are. The kid in the front will try and find the gummy worm in the plate of whipped cream while still in wheel borrow position. Once they have found the gummy worm, they will return back to the starting point and switch. The kid who just was on the ground will then become the one holding the legs for the other kid.

For this activity you’ll need: