Communities Bucket List

Your Communities Bucket List 🪣

We’re less than two months away from the Summer of a Lifetime! Just as promised, we’re releasing WinShape Camps Bucket lists for each camp location leading up to the summer! This fourth bucket list is for our over-the-top-epic Communities campers!

At camp, we program ample amounts of fun into every camp day! A lot of the things you’ll do at camp are part of our programming, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there! These Bucket List items are curated from YOUR responses to our Instagram poll, and additional responses from our full-time staff (previous campers themselves. 😉) Here are a few things you can do on your own to create memories that will last a lifetime…

1. Win the Village Versus Cheer Off

If you’re new to camp, you should know that at WinShape, we LOVE camp songs and cheers. Cheering and chanting for your Village will get you and your team tokens for the end of the week “Token Tabulator!” Each Village must rally together and cheer the LOUDEST to win the Rec Cheer-Off!

2. Play Four Quarters at Rec!

Four nickels? A dollar? Three pennies? Four quarters!! This is a time for you and your specific animal group to work together to win rounds of a big relay race! What does this entail? Think… water, shaving cream, hula hoops, and more!! This is a fan-favorite Rec game that you don’t want to miss!

3. Make the Perfect Shaving Cream Beard

Shaving cream is an essential part of camp! We like to think that perfecting the shaving cream beard is an art form. Contests are held throughout the week to see who can make a picture-perfect beard! (Extra points for a cool mustache.) And for an extra dose of FUN, maybe throw in a shaving cream high-five! This can be done in three simple steps: get as much shaving cream in your hand as you can, find a friend, and give them a high five! You won’t know how fun it is until you try it!

4. Enjoy an “Icy Juicy” After Rec!

“I want an icy juicy!! Juicy icy, what’s your favorite color?” Imagine your favorite color in the form of a frozen magical juice on a hot summer day! You may know these as “popsicles,” but at camp, they are much more than that! The Icy Juicy song is only sung after an EPIC time at Rec to summon these magical, colorful Icy Juicys! Singing the song extra loud makes them extra cold!!

5. Scream the Bobo the LOUDEST

Bobo Ski, what’s up?! Every day at Rec, WinShape Camp’s world-famous “Bobo” cheer is sung. (Fun fact: The Bobo is almost as old as WinShape itself.) The key to this cheer is screaming it at the top of your lungs!! Add this to your bucket list and challenge your friends to see WHO can cheer The Bobo the loudest!

6. Learn a New Skill

Wacky Science, Basketball, Fast Food, oh my! At WinShape Camps for Communities, you’ll participate in all kinds of fun activities throughout the day. And some of them, YOU get to pick yourself! A Skill is an activity that campers can choose to specialize in during their time at camp. Maybe you like getting crafty, shooting hoops, or want to show off your awesome dance moves! There’s something for everyone. And if you’re feeling adventurous, add this to your bucket list if you want to try something new this summer!!

7. Dress ALL OUT in Your Club Colors

Wear your Village colors to show everyone that you love your crew!! Blue for Ocean, red for Safari, green for Alpine, and grey or purple for Galaxy! Going all-out (especially on Friday 👀) is a MUST to show everyone your Village pride!

8. Dunk Your Team Time Leader

What’s more refreshing than an “Icy Juicy” on a hot summer day? Not much! But dunking your Team Time leader with water after Rec might be! Plus, it’s so much fun that you have to add this to your Communities Camp Bucket List!

9. Learn all the motions and words to the Theme Song!

Every year, our team writes a brand-new Theme Song that mirrors our theme of the summer. THIS summer’s theme song, “Let’s Go!” is launching us into space to explore more about Jesus and discover Truth! If you’re up for the challenge, learn all the lyrics (and maybe even the motions) before coming to camp to impress all your camp friends with your AWESOME dance moves. You can now listen to “Let’s Go!” wherever you stream music! And while our music video hasn’t yet launched YET, when it “lifts off” *bah dum chh* you’ll be the first to know.😉

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