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An Overnight Camper’s Guide to Virtual Camp

Camp at home is still an overnight camp, right?

Just over two months ago, you got the news that WinShape had made the decision to cancel all of our in-person experiences, including your camper’s registration. If you’re anything like us, it was probably tough to break the news to your family. Kids deserve to have an E P I C summer, and as a parent, we know you want your kids to have fun while growing in their faith. We are bummed we couldn’t host you at camp in Young Harris, Cleveland, Mt. Berry or at Gardner Webb; but there’s still a chance to get your dose of life-changing awesomeness this summer for as little as $19!

Cure your kid’s boredom with an experience that will be non-stop fun and that you know will teach them truths that will last a lifetime! And when we say non-stop fun, we mean it. Campers who register get on-demand content from FIVE full weeks of camp, not just one!


After 35 years of in-person camp, we’re creating memory-making moments online! We’ve taken your camper’s favorite part of their WinShape Camps experience and found ways to make those moments epic while at home.

What is your camper’s favorite part of camp? Click the item below to learn how WinShape ON is giving all kids a little bit of their summer back!


During a session of WinShape Camps, campers get to choose a number of Skills to participate in throughout the week! These Skills include things like Wacky Science, Gourmet Chef, Flag Football, Performing Arts, Secret Ops & more. There’s something for every kid!

Skills were a must-have for our virtual camp experience. For WinShape Camps ON, we’ve created 8 virtual Skills led by our top-notch staff for your camper to choose from. Campers who register to join us LIVE ($99) or sign up for ON DEMAND + ($79) pick two skills and also get a hand-delivered Camper Kit with most of the supplies they need for their skills for the week. 

WinShape ON Skill options are: 

Want to see what a virtual Skill is like? Check out Day 1 of Wacky Science!

Wake Up & Power Surge

No matter which overnight camp location you register for, campers join us in the Auditorium for an epic party! Our in-person camps refer to this as Jump Start, Kick Start or Hydrate. Complete with stage games, dancing, hilarious videos, and skits from our Summer Staff, Auditorium Moments are some of the most energizing moments of the camp day. They’re also one of our camper’s favorite parts.

This summer, at the beginning and end of each camp day during WinShape ON is something called The Show. Hosted by Lizzie and Blake, each day consist of funny moments, competitions and (of course) dancing! Campers even get a chance to join in by participating in our Camper Questions each day and seeing photos that you post online during The Show! After two weeks of camp, our campers are already giving rave reviews for The Show and our hilarious hosts.

Want to see what The Show is like? Check out this episode from Week 1. (Hint: Skip to the 6-minute mark)

Villages & Recreation

One part of the camp experience that we know your camper has talked about is the tribe, club or squad they’re a part of. You know..Bumbline, Catawba, Blaze, Shawnee, Skocean, Quake & so on. These groups make an impact on our campers by allowing them to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. It’s a chance to rally around a team to cheer for, and creates ways to connect with other campers. Not to mention learning their camp cheers and painting their faces up!

We’ve brought this same spirit of competition into WinShape Camps ON this summer. Campers are a part of FORCES, similar to Tribes, Clubs and Squads. Forces are Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

Each Force is represented by a Force Captain who competes on video to win points for their Force, and ultimately your camper. But it’s not all up to just the Force Captains! Each camper will receive a few items that allow them to join in the competition from home in their Camper Kit. 

Check out an episode of Force Feud and watch the unboxing of a Camper Kit here.

Theme & Small Groups

Each summer at WinShape Camps overnight experience, we try to transport campers into another world. This world, called our Theme, is where we introduce campers to the daily truths we are teaching for the session. This theme has a major impact on what campers experience during Worship and Cabin/Suite Devotions (small groups).

This summer, we had plans to dive into John 10:10 and explore the rainforest with our campers in our Life Giver Theme. When we decided to launch WinShape Camps ON, we also decided that this theme was exactly what campers needed to hear in 2020. 

That being said, each day campers will get to join in for Worship. Each week we have a different communicator teaching truths to campers. If you sign up for WinShape ON LIVE ($99), campers will also get to join us for small groups led by real WinShape Counselors via ZOOM. ON DEMAND campers can think more about the Theme with pre-recorded small group content. 

Not to mention, we’ve created Camper Books to be delivered in our Camper Kits for each kid to walk through the truth with a physical guide made for their specific age-group. 

Watch an episode of Worship below:

Give Your Kids A Piece of Summer Back

There are only two more weeks to join our team LIVE for a session of WinShape Camps ON! Give your kid’s a piece of their summer back by registering today. If none of our LIVE sessions work for your family’s schedule, sign up for ON DEMAND and get 5 weeks of camp content to entertain your kids until school starts back!