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Non-stop. Always. Forever. Whenever, wherever — right now. That’s ON. Now on Yippee TV!

Did your kids attend camp this summer? Are they wanting to see more of WinShape Camps? We’ve got good news! We’ve partnered with Yippee TV to be the new home of all of WinShape Camps ON virtual camp! What is Yippee TV? Yippee is a new streaming app built by parents for Christian families! Yippee isn’t just another streaming service though, it’s an organization dedicated to building character in kids and giving peace of mind to parents. Thousands of parents are saying that they have deleted other kids streaming apps for Yippee. Yippee has exclusive new VeggieTales, licensed YouTubers, and original series. Every show is parent reviewed and approved before going on the app!

What’s Yippee TV?

Yippee TV is a new online streaming service for kids and their families that’s all about characters building character. Its mission is to transform families lives with world class media that is safe, values based, and unbelievably fun! It’s a wholesome alternative to YouTube. No ads, no algorithms, no sassy attitudes. Just good shows your kids will actually want to watch including hand-picked YouTubers reviewed and screen by parents like you. Yippee TV wants to help parents build good character in kids. Rest a little easier, knowing you found an app for your kids that you can actually get behind. Yippee is not just another streaming service. We are changing kids’ lives with TV shows and equipping you, parents, with tips and tools you need to develop character in your kids and grow their faith.

What’s Some of the Content We’ll See?

For one thing…FUN Skills videos! These Skills include things like Wacky Science, Flag Football, Performing Arts, Secret Ops & more. There’s something for every kid!

WinShape ON Features: 

Want to see? Check out Wacky Science!

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