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A phrase you'll commonly hear around WinShape Camps is 'camp is for the camper.' While this is true, campers weren't the only ones we had in mind when we created WinShape Camps for Communities. That's where you come in!

Learn More About WinShape Camps

WinShape Camps is an unprecedented day camp experience that brings churches and organizations together to transform communities with the message of Jesus. Camp is for completed K-8th grade campers that takes place in over 100 different communities. Watch the videos in our Training Vault and learn more!

Why Volunteer?

WinShape Camps needs your help to make a Kingdom impact this summer. Your choice to volunteer ensures the ripple effects of a week of camp last much longer than the 5 days we are there.

Volunteer Roles

Meet the campers in your community

Before you dive in to a week of camp, you may want to know a little more about working with our campers. Here are some helpful tips as you consider volunteering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to volunteer for the entire week? No. Our team will work to value your participation any time you are available to volunteer.
  • Do I have to volunteer for the entire day of camp? No. Any time of the day you are available to participate would be a huge help.
  • What do I get for being a volunteer? You get a chance to see camp from a different perspective, an opportunity to minister alongside of a professionally trained camp staff, and a place to minister to families outside of a traditional “church” setting.
  • Do I have to be a member of the Host Church to qualify as a volunteer? No. But you do have to meet the pre-existing requirements of the Background Check of the Host Church.
  • How old to I have to be in order to volunteer? Each volunteer must be at least a completed 10th grader or older.
  • Do I have to bring my own lunch to camp? Lunches for volunteers are provided each day by WinShape Camps. The lunches will be prepared under the leadership of the team’s Volunteer Director.
  • What is the volunteer cell phone policy? We respectfully ask that all cell phones be kept hidden during the camp hours. Doing so will free each volunteer to help WinShape Camps fulfill its mission to connect churches to their communities.
  • What is the volunteer dress code? Volunteers are asked to wear a WinShape Camps Volunteer Shirt provided by the Host Church. If a shirt is not provided, the Volunteer Director will instruct volunteers on a matching shirt color to wear. Volunteer dress should remain modest, and closed toed shoes should be worn.