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The 2020 WinShape Camps ON Forces REVEALED

Hey Camp Fam! As we are gearing up for WinShape Camps ON Experience, we wanted to keep the excitement going and reveal this year’s camp forces! 🤪🎉

So, without further ado, here are this year’s forces:

🔥 Fire:  Setting the competition ablaze is no problem for the Fire Force. Just as each flame starts with a tiny spark, the possibilities of this Force are limitless. Wearing red and turning up the heat, the Fire Force can’t be beat!

💧Water: There’s no match for the motion of the ocean found in the Water Force. You better be prepared – crashing waves are just the beginning when this tide rolls in. Repping blue with the might of the sea, the Water Force is where you want to be!

🌎 Earth:  Listen here, make no mistake – everything shakes when the earth quakes. Camouflaged in green, the greatness of this Force is off the charts. Rumbles, rocks, shakes and shocks, the Earth Force will come out on top!

🌪 Wind: Blowing away their foes and taking opponents by storm is just the beginning for the Wind Force, as they blast past every competitor not decked in gray. Stronger than a rustle, so much more than a breeze, the Wind Force will dominate this competition with ease.

The Forces are essential to WinShape Camps, as they are the elements that drive competition and camaraderie among our campers. Once our campers discover their Force squads, it is game ON! Campers will compete in daily challenges in order to earn enough points for their force to become the Ultimate Force Winner of the week.

Want to know which Force family you will join!?

🎈Forces are assigned to campers according to their birth month. 🎈

Earth – January, February and March

Wind – April, May and June

Fire – July, August and September

Water – October, November and December

Week One of WinShape Camps ON Junior Session 1 starts June 15! Click here to register and secure your camper’s spot! Registration for WinShape Camps ON Senior Experience opens June 8.