Six Ways to Make Summer Spectacular

Six Ways to Make Summer Spectacular

1. WinShape On  🚩

One way to make this summer extra fun is by signing up for our brand new experience called WinShape On. We are so excited to be launching this in just a few short weeks! You will get the chance to:

Click here for more information: WinShape On

2. Have a Picnic with a Theme  🧺

Grab a blanket, basket of food, and your family or friends in your backyard or an open field. To add some more fun you can choose a theme like Around the World. Here are some fun ways to experience a new culture:

EX: Dive into Mexico’s culture by making tacos, listening to Spanish music, and look up a youtube video on how to do the salsa. While you’re at it, you might as well practice learning a new language; an easy way to begin is trying out the app Duolingo!




3. Movie on the Lawn or Drive-in Movie theater  🎥

Who likes popcorn?! Well we all know what goes perfectly with that.. a MOVIE NIGHT! If it is a nice day you can project a movie onto a white sheet or table cloth.  No need to fear if you and your friends don’t own a projector, there is still good news. Recently, there have been many drive-in movie theaters opening up. So check the surrounding cities in your area, and see if there is a Drive-In movie theater near you!


4. Virtual Parties  💻

Planning a virtual gathering is a great way to bring everyone together, especially if it’s raining. Here are some ideas of ways you can celebrate or just have some fun entertainment with friends and family:


5.  Outdoor Games 🏸

What time is it!? GAME TIME! Choose one of your favorite games and make it into a tournament. Here are some examples of some fun outdoor games.


6. Find a New Hobby 🖌

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but you could never find the time to do it? Well, now is a great time to try out some new things! Here are a few ideas that could become one of your new favorite things.