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Safety at Camp Our Top Priority

We make a fuss about safety, so your kids can make a fuss about fun.

Safety is our top priority. We take the physical, spiritual, and emotional safety of your kids very seriously. We partner with the pros in kid safety to make sure we create space for campers to flourish. Our Summer Staff are trained on well-thought safety policies and work to ensure that each camper that attends WinShape has a fun and safe experience. Watch our video series on safety or scroll down to learn more about individual parts of our safety plan.

We make a fuss about safety, so your kids can make a fuss about fun.

Beat the Heat

Summer is hot. It's one of our favorite things about summer! It's great for pools, water games, and being outside. However, some days are hotter than others. Our team has an excessive heat plan that adjusts camp programming based on just how hot it is. Our Summer Staff leadership frequently communicates about the weather. This plan includes increasing water breaks (bring a water bottle!), creating more moments in the shade, and moving things inside when possible.

  • ☀️
    Excessive Heat Plans
  • 💧
    Increased Water Breaks
  • 🌳
    Finding Some Shade
  • 💒
    Moving Activities Inside (when needed/possible)
  • 📝
    Communication to Staff
Beat the Heat

Medical Safety

Your camper's medical safety is very important to us! At each of our overnight locations, we have a 24-hour nursing staff available if needed. Watch the video to learn more about how we care for your camper's health.

  • 24-Hour Nursing Staff On Site
  • Nut & Allergy Awareness
  • Emphasis On Hydration Each Day
Medical Safety

Physical Safety

At all of our camp locations, we enforce a 1-2 rule with all campers. This ensures that campers are always in groups of at least three. Along with this, we keep a ratio of 1 adult per 4-6 campers at every camp. Watch the video below to learn more about physical safety.

  • 1-2 Rule For All Campers
  • Secure Check-In/Out Systems
  • Certified Lifeguards & Swim Tests
Physical Safety

Staff & Training

We are committed to your camper’s safety and have a thorough hiring process – including an extensive application, references, in-person interview, background checks, and training – to ensure our Summer Staff are top-notch. Watch the video below to learn more about our Summer Staff and safety.

  • Extensive Application & Interviews
  • Background Checks
  • Physical Safety Training
Staff & Training

Honor Code

One of the first things we do at camp is teach all campers the Honor Code. It goes like this: “Because I want to honor God, I will be honest, be positive, show respect for property, staff, and campers.” Watch the video below to learn more about camper behavior and the Honor Code.

  • Clear Expectations Set
  • Zero Tolerance for Bullying
  • S-T-O-P Process
Honor Code

Emergency Action Plan

We want to be prepared even for those situations we hope will never happen. For this reason, our full-time teams at our overnight locations are equipped and also train our Summer Staff to know how to execute our Emergency Action Plan in case an emergency should take place on campus. Watch the video below to learn how we prepare for emergencies.

  • Rely on Local Community
  • Train On-Site Staff
  • Police Presence Where Appropriate
Emergency Action Plan

Disconnect To Connect

We disconnect from technology because we believe this creates an environment and experience that allows campers to hear the message of Jesus without distractions from the outside world, as well as connect with God, other campers and staff. Watch the video below to learn more about technology-free camp.

  • Opportunity To Disconnect
  • Same Expectations for Staff
  • Clear Social Media Policy
Disconnect To Connect