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The WinShape Camps Guide to Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Halloween Costumes 🎃

Well, it’s the time of year where everyone is scrambling to find the perfect costume for October 31st. Even though Halloween may look a little different this year and your family may not be Trick or Treating, it’s still super fun to dress up, watch movies and eat lots of candy with your family or a few friends! If you’re like us and maybe haven’t figured out your costume yet, we put together some WinShape Camps inspired costume inspiration for you:

1. The Magician

Deck of cards? Check. Magic Wand? Check. Top Hat? GOT IT. 🎩

2. The Disney Character

Dress as Mike Wazowski and tell your family jokes all night like, “Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon? Because she’ll Let It Go.”

3. The Superhero

Captain America, Spider Man, Captain Marvel…we love them all.

4. The “Don’t Dress As Anything, Dress As EVERYTHING”

Kid: “Mom, I have NOTHING to wear.” Mom: “Have you seen your closet?” 

5. The ____’s Decade

The 70s is pretty easy. Grab your tie dye shirt and get groovy! ✌️

6. The Artist (or Bob Ross)

Grab your afro wig and a paint brush- you’ll be good to go! 🎨

7. The “I Didn’t Have a Costume So I Wrote It On This Piece of Paper”

Hey, it’s called improvising. 🗒️

8. The Lego Character

Ok, this one is a bit tough unless you buy the costume ahead of time, but hey, who doesn’t love Legos?! 

9. The Mermaid (I mean, who hasn’t wanted to be Arial?)

Grab your mermaid snuggy blanket/sleeping bag we all know you have! 🧜‍♀️

10. The WinShape Camps (Squad/Club/Tribe) Swag

We may be biased, but decking out in your WinShape Camps swag is always a good way to go. 👍