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Meet Your 2020 ON Junior Communicators

Greetings WinShape Nation! We are THRILLED that the start of camp is only a few sleeps away! We are so excited about this summer because this is a whole new, over-the-top experience for our WinShape family. With that being said, we have some AWESOME communicators bringing Truths to us this summer. We are here today to give our Camp Fam all the deets about our 2020 ON Junior Communicators! To Register for ON Junior, click here.

Session One: Mariah Hollis


Mariah Hollis has the privilege of serving as a music educator at Northside Elementary School, where she was named 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year. Her world includes singing songs, playing instruments, dancing and turning into a frog kissing princess for her sweet students in grades K-5. When she is not in her classroom, she enjoys serving as a high school leader at Go Church, and a middle school communicator at Southside Church. Mariah also enjoys traveling around the country spending intentional time with friends, eating and cooking the best foods from around the world, and relaxing with family. Mariah is also a Mary Kay consultant. She uses her skincare and beauty platform to minister to women by facilitating fellowship that provides physical, spiritual, and mental restoration. She is a former WinShape Camps for Girls Summer Staffer, and she is grateful to continue to participate in opportunities that allow her to fulfill her calling as a mouthpiece for the Lord unto all nations.

Session Two: Aaron Collier

Aaron Collier served seven years with WinShape Camps, and now serves as the Children’s Pastor at Piedmont Church in Marietta, GA. He along with his wife, Karen, have a daughter named Hattie Rae. Pastor Aaron loves discipleship and is passionate about teaching children what discipleship looks like, and how they can bring about life change with the Gospel. He loves helping grow the Kingdom and working with other churches to grow the “capital C” church.

Session Three: Tory Vore

Tory Vore is one of our own, as she serves with WinShape Camps on the Communities Team. Her role is working with church hosts in order to bring WinShape Camps to communities all over the country. She has been presenting the gospel to kids for 15 years now, which includes a summer spent with WinShape Camps for Girls at Young Harris! Tory also serves as a lead communicator, writer and a coach at Passion City Church’s Passion Kids. She is passionate about making the Gospel simple and fun! Tory and her husband, James, live in Atlanta with their 18 month old son, Judah. Tory loves to read, write, cook and learn!

Session Four: Davidson Mobley


A true kid at heart, Davidson believes the Lord has created him to bridge the gap between childlike wonder and spiritual depth. With a deep love for storytelling, he cherishes any opportunity to speak life and combat shame in the lives of those around him, whether that be on stage, at a coffee shop or in line for Space Mountain at Disney World! In his spare time, you will find him dancing, running, or spending quality time with his friends and family (and if you can’t find him, just listen for his laugh… you can’t miss it)! Having just finished two years at the Impact 360 Institute, Davidson will graduate in August with his M.A. in Ministry. Davidson is excited to be back with WinShape Camps for yet another summer of a lifetime.

 Session Five: Karen Collier

Karen Collier served at WinShape Camps for Communities for five summers; she also served on the year-round team. She currently is the Preschool Director at Piedmont Church in Marietta, GA. She specializes in theatre, music, and large group elements for preschoolers and elementary students. She has a degree in Musical Theatre from the University of Mobile. Karen loves teaching young children how much God loves them and how to hide God’s Word in their hearts. In her free time, she enjoys to teaching voice lessons, performing, reading and going on adventures with her husband, Aaron, and their daughter, Hattie Rae.

And that’s our WinShape Camps ON Junior 2020 communicator line up! We know with this team of extraordinary leaders, our campers and staffers are in for an awesome, life changing summer. See you soon! 👋To learn more and register for ON Junior, click here.