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Emery's Baptism Story

Epic Fun. Eternal Significance.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve seen thousands of camper’s lives impacted through their experience at WinShape Camps. We LOVE hearing about campers favorite activities, events, and epic competitions; but nothing touches our hearts more than when campers experience real life-change at camp and make the decision to start following Jesus. This summer, we caught wind of one of these stories. 

Recently, we received a message from a parent informing us that her daughter, Emery, had made the decision to get baptized, dedicating a huge part of her story to the past two summers spent at WinShape Camps.

“I decided when I went to WinShape Camps. There was another Emory at WinShape. She wanted to get baptized, so that started to get my brain thinking about it,” says Emery.

While we don’t always get to see the full picture of how camp is working in the lives of all our campers, we feel incredibly blessed when we can get a glimpse. Emery’s mom has graciously allowed us to share her baptism story and we hope that this will uplift and inspire you, as it did our WinShape Camps team! 

Q&A with Emery:

When did you start going to WinShape Camps?

My first year at WinShape was when I was in first grade, two summers ago.

What do you love most about WinShape Camps for Girls at Young Harris?

I get to learn more about Christ but in fun way and I also get to do it with awesome people alongside me. And I get to do fun activities but my favorite by far is the three meals: Banana Mañana, Swankie Supper, and Lunch Munch. I also enjoy when we do our fun little activities at night, and my other favorite is when we have our bible study in the morning, watch our mini series, and dance to the Theme Song.

What club are you in?

The champions, BUMBLINE!!!! 🐝

What do you remember about your past WinShape counselors? 

Their names were Chai Teva and Poke Pepperwood. They were awesome. I remember them being so sweet, like one of my close babysitters. They were there when I was scared or sad and always found a way to make things fun.

What do you remember about the 2021 camp theme, Made for This?

Made for This was the first theme I had at WinShape Camps. I thought it was the perfect first year. My best friend won the kindness award out of all the girls there. Bumbline won REC!!!!! and the theme tied it all together.

What is your favorite camp activity?

The three meals of course. I also enjoy when we do our fun little activities at night and my other favorite is when we have our bible study in the morning watch the mini series and dance to the Theme Song.

Are you going back to camp this summer? What are you most excited for?

Yes, and Everything!!!!!!

What is your favorite bible verse?

Ephesians 2:10 or Joshua 1:9

What inspired your decision to get baptized? 

My roommate at camp, Emory, helped me because she wanted to get baptized and I knew that I was ready. In the WinShape bible study, it tells me things that I had never forgotten like God is with me. I still will never forget the wonderful people that were there when my decision was made.

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