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The Inside Scoop on This Year’s Theme Songs

The Inside Scoop on this Year’s Theme Songs

Helloooo Camp Fam! We are giving you the story behind the creation of this year’s camp theme songs Nothin’ Better Than You and You Give Life! 🎉

We had the pleasure of talking with Troy Vander Hoek, a member of the WinShape family, who is also one of the writers of this year’s theme songs. He gave us the 411 on the songs’ inspiration, creative process, and so much more!

What inspired this year’s songs?

First and foremost, Troy explained that these songs were “inspired by the joy that can only come from knowing Jesus and realizing that He is the one who gives us life.” Troy also expressed how the theme songs needed to “reflect this year’s core verse (John 10:10), camp truths and setting.” Since this year’s camp setting is inspired by the Amazon Rainforest, the goals of the songs were to reflect the nature of the rainforest through vibrant, fun, and lively sounds in the songs. Troy also revealed that if you listen closely, you will even be able to hear snippets of “river and rainforest [sounds] running through the songs.”

What was the creative process like?

According to Troy, he began the process by “writing content based off of the core Scriptures, the camp truths and the camp theme.” In order to create something that stayed true to this year’s ambiance, Troy recalled “spending a lot of time listening to music that originates from the Amazon to better grasp what instruments and character would best fit with this year’s theme.” After meeting with a producer, WinShape Camps’ writing team assembled and Troy presented the lyrical and melodic ideas to the team. From there, the team began their collaboration. They worked hard to craft lyrics and music that glorified God and be seamlessly embedded into our campers’ experience. Once the writing was finished, the team sent their work to the producer to be mastered. After the music was complete, vocalists were brought in to record the finished product!

What’s the one thing you want our campers to remember after hearing WinShape Camps’ 2020 theme songs!? 

“No matter what trials our campers face or what success our campers encounter, we want them to know and remember – God is always our Life Giver.”

What is your favorite part about writing the camp theme songs!?

Troy revealed that his favorite part is being able to “watch a camper or a staffer connect with the songs.” He called it very “humbling to watch campers, on the last day of their camp experience, completely give The Lord their ALL through praise and worship.” Additionally, he noted how it has been “incredible to see what God is able to do through music to help bring forth transformation in our campers’ lives.”

How do the songs compare to those in the past?

 Calling the project a “labor of love,” Troy said this year’s songs were extremely difficult to write. Moreover, Troy stated that in the beginning stages he and the team really struggled with “coming up with the creative direction, the lyrical flow, and creating a cohesive message fit for our campers.” However, Troy voiced that he “didn’t view the challenges as a negative thing,” but more as opportunities for the team to rely on the Lord’s strength and guidance rather than their own. He added that all the hardships that accompanied this project worked together to serve as a testament to the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness. Troy notes that “the Lord knew that the songs Nothin’ Better Than You and You Give Life, were going to speak volumes in a season unlike any other for our campers and staffers.” Troy also conveyed that he believes the reason that there were so many roadblocks in the writing process was because the Lord was calling him and his team to persevere and create something that would encourage listeners in the midst of the challenging times that lay ahead.

If you haven’t heard this year’s theme songs, go check them out now! Nothin’ Better Than You and You Give Life are available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music and YouTube! The theme song will be a huge part of WinShape Camps ON this summer.

We are so excited about what is to come and all the fun we will have this summer. See you soon!!! 🤪