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Leave the Infinite Scrolling up to Waldo 

We don’t call a summer at WinShape Camps life-changing, adventure-taking, memory-making awesomeness for no reason! That’s truly what it is! We pulled those words straight from the surveys and stories we have heard after 35 years of doing camp. As the years go by, however, some of those memories start to fade and become less sparkly. That’s one reason why we put such a high emphasis on top-notch camp photographers capturing every possible moment they can! From worship to Mega Relay, we want to have all of these epic moments frozen in time.

It’s not just for the memories either. We know our parents want to get a glimpse, even if just a small one, into what their campers are experiencing each day at camp. Without a doubt, the #1 most frequent call we get during the summer is “when will the photos for yesterday be posted?!” 

We also know that parents spend insane amounts of hours late into the evening (probably with a snoring spouse beside them) searching through albums trying to find that ONE picture of their camper having fun. And trust us, we know it’s a lot of scrolling. Since Summer 2016 (7 years ago), our photographers have uploaded 653,617 photos to our photo-sharing platform. That’s over 100,000 photos per summer! 

Well — We’re excited to announce that our partnership with Waldo Photos is returning for Summer 2023! With photos being such an important part of the WinShape Camps experience, it was important to make this experience even better for campers, families, and even our Summer Staff. 

What Is Waldo Photo?

As stated by the Waldo Team, Waldo is “A photo-finding phenom who uses facial recognition to find all your camper’s photos in the camp album and then delivers them to your phone via the Waldo app, with notifications for new photos.” 

For real — this is high-tech y’all. Overnight camp families–for just $9.99 per camper for a one-week camp experience and $14.99 per camper for a two-week camp experience, the Waldo service will find photos uploaded of your camper and instantly notify you when those photos are posted. The app also allows you to pick favorites and organize all of your campers’ best-frozen memories. 

Once you’ve signed up, simply upload a selfie of your camper to the app and let Waldo do all the work! You can even add family members to your plan for no cost allowing spouses, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to experience the Summer of a Lifetime!

*Face recognition sign-up applies to Overnight Camps photo albums only.

That’s cool, but is it safe?

It’s SUPER safe. That’s one of the reasons we chose Waldo. Used by a ton of camping organizations around the country, Waldo not only keeps your data safe but access to photo galleries is even safer than anything we’ve done in the past.

Say goodbye to case-sensitive, confusing passwords. Waldo uses your cell phone number as long-in credentials with text verification. This way we know exactly who is able to view photos at camp and it’s way easier for parents to manage their login. 

What if I don’t want to pay for using Waldo?

Every family is different in the way they access and enjoy photos at camp. Some parents may not be interested in facial-recognition delivery of photos to their phone — and we totally respect that! Parents who choose not to pay for Waldo’s delivery service will still have free access to their camper’s session albums at camp. While you won’t be notified of your camper’s picture being posted, you’ll still get to see all of the camp fun as you peruse the albums! 

We’re incredibly excited about continuing this partnership and can’t wait to see all of the fun photos you get to see of your camper at camp! Keep reading for more FAQs about Waldo Photo! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who’s Waldo?
    A photo-finding phenom who uses facial recognition to find all your camper’s photos in the camp album and then delivers them to your phone via the Waldo app, with notifications for new photos.
  2. How does Waldo work?
    You submit a photo of your camper’s face and enroll in the service. Waldo does the rest – matching that photo to all the photos in our camp album and sending you all YOUR camper’s photos to your phone via the Waldo app.
  3. How do I sign up?
    Click Here or text winshape23 to 735-343.
  4. I texted the join code to the number and got no response. What now?
    Sorry for the trouble! Be sure you are spelling the join code correctly. Then, try texting that join code into this longer phone number instead:  1-512-308-3535.
  5. I have an international number, can I still text in to enroll?
    Yes, you can! Just text the join code to this long number instead: 1-512-308-3535. Also, once you enroll and download the Waldo app, be sure to turn on push notifications and this will turn off the text notifications. You can do this in the Waldo app by clicking the yellow Waldo face in the top left corner, and clicking Enable Push Notifications.
  6. Where do I Log In?
    You actually do not have a login anywhere for Waldo. To view the photos, you can sign up for the optional service by texting in the join code, and then view the photos in the Waldo app.
  7. I have used Waldo before, do I need to sign up again?
    We are so glad you chose to use Waldo again to find your photos! Each year, you will need to enroll again following the same steps: by texting in the new join code to the number and following the prompts. You will be prompted for a new photo of your camper so the most recent photo will be in place.  While in the Waldo app, you will still be able to see all past photos you have received from Waldo.
  8. Will I get to see all the camp photos in addition to the ones of my camper?
    Yes, you will! When you download the free Waldo app, you can toggle between “Matched Photos” and “All Photos”. To see all camp photos, just click on “All Photos” and scroll to your heart’s desire. Waldo doesn’t know the back of your camper’s head, but you do!
  9. Can I easily share all the photos with my family?
    Great news for you! The Waldo app allows you to invite up to 6 family members to your camper’s photo stream. That means they can get the same photo alerts and see all your camper’s photos, too.
  10. I’m not signing up for the photo delivery service but I still want to see the camp photos. Possible?
    You betcha. While Waldo loves to find and send you photos, he also provides a free web gallery for you to view the photos online. You can view, download, and share photos from the free web gallery. You can find it here: Join Code: winshape23
  11. I signed up for the service but I’m not getting any matches yet. What’s Waldo doing?
    No photos can mean a couple of things: 1) There are no photos of your camper yet in the album or 2) Your camper’s submitted selfie is blurry, dark, or unclear and Waldo is having a hard time matching it. Email for quick help or replace your camper’s photo inside the Waldo app.
  12. Will Waldo share my selfie or matched photos with the world?
    No way! Waldo respects your privacy! Your photos will only be accessible to you. (And you had to enter your camp join code and a pin code verification to even access the photos.) It’s up to you whether you want to share your photos with the world.
  13. Can I order prints? Yep! You can order prints from the Waldo app or the free web gallery.