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Explore More this Spring Break

4 Ideas for Spring Break

Here we are again…

Another Spring Break and you may be asking yourself, WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY KIDS ALL WEEK?! We get it! There are a lot of reasons to be thankful for all of the school breaks, but how do they always sneak up so fast? 😅

Well, never fear! We’re here to help you with some last-minute ideas. This summer, our camp theme is More to Explore – and we believe there is more to explore this Spring Break than you even realize! 


Nevermind the great yellow blanket likely starting to change the color of your car right now. Spring Break is a great time to get outside and explore the great outdoors! There are all sorts of adventures to be had, but nothing tops going for a hike in this perfect-weather season. Amp up the exploration by creating an age-specific plant scavenger hunt as you explore! You can use resources like this list of native plants by region, or you can go simpler by just making a list like; 5 different types of trees, a plant that is a vine, 3 plants with flowers, etc. 

If you have siblings or friends come along, you can make a competition out of it to really increase the interest with a prize at the end for the winner. 


You may not find yourself able to go on outdoor adventures with your kids. With “Work From Home” being more relevant than ever, there’s a chance you’re stuck at your computer most of the day and need something to keep the kids busy while staying inside. While your kids probably know every nook and cranny of the house, there’s still plenty of exploring to be done using their minds. 

Amazon and other websites offer a range of STEM projects to keep the kids learning without even knowing it. (Including this awesome Space themed kit that includes 6 different projects). 

Another way to explore is using WinShape Camps Skills On Demand! We have a whole week’s worth of activities for kids to do by watching our YouTube Channel. They can build a dragon out of pipe cleaners, learn how to cook, or even explore the backyard


If you’re one of the lucky ones who got to take the week off for Spring Break and head to the beach, then kudos to you! The beach can be a ton of fun, but your kids could very quickly get tired of lying in the sun. (One day they’ll appreciate it.)

Most beach towns, however, are littered with cheap and historic things to explore. Whether it’s a lighthouse or an old Fort, some of our best memories as kids at the beach were seeing some of these spectacular scenes only found at the beach. 


If you really want to build excitement for your camper’s session this summer, take advantage of the night sky by doing some space exploration from the ground! Telescopes have become relatively affordable and armed with this calendar of celestial events, each night your kids could discover something new in the night sky. You don’t need a telescope to explore the stars, however. These days, using augmented reality, you can explore the stars with just your phone. Download apps like this that use your camera and position to tell you what is in the sky above. 

We hope these ideas help you fill time intentionally during Spring Break! Use one of them? Let us know by sending us photos or videos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Have ideas of your own? Join our WinShape Camps Moms group and share them with the world! 

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