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Cohutta Springs Bucket List

Your Cohutta Springs Bucket List 🪣

We are just a hop, skip, and a moon-walk away from the Summer of a Lifetime. Just as promised, we’re releasing WinShape Camps Bucket lists for each camp location leading up to the summer! This second bucket list (if you didn’t catch it already) is for our wonderful Cohutta Springs campers.

At camp, we program an ample amount of fun into every camp day. A lot of the things you’ll do at camp are part of our programming, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there! These Bucket list items are curated from YOUR responses to our Instagram poll, and additional responses from our full-time staff (previous campers themselves. 😉) Here are a few things you can do on your own to create memories that will last a lifetime…

1. Complete all the Adventures

There are SO many fun-packed adventures at Cohutta Springs that it’s almost impossible for campers to experience them all. A giant lake blob? We got it! Ziplining, tubing, and drop swing? You betcha. Maybe you’re a raving fan of the giant slide. Or perhaps you want to challenge your friends to see who can “blob” their counselor the highest! There’s practically no end to the list of epic adventures available at Cohutta Springs. Add this to your bucket list if you are up for the challenge to do it ALL!


2. Spend Devotion Time by The Lake

One of the things our Cohutta Springs campers consistently rave about is the amount of free time they have and the ability to spend their free time however they choose! Our Instagram poll revealed that one of their favorite things to do during free time is spending quiet time by the lake. The beauty of our Cohutta Springs campus is unmatched! So add this to your bucket list, take a break from Gaga Ball, and take a moment to sit in the peaceful stillness of it all.

3. Win Color Crews

Help bring your color crew to victory by winning challenges throughout the week. Are you a wiz at Disney trivia? Do you take pride in being able to eat a popsicle the fastest?  You’ll be challenged to show off your expertise in four categories: grit, wit, gut, and luck. Rep your team with pride all week long and ALWAYS be ready to shout your team cheer the loudest! If you’re even the slightest bit competitive, you’ll want to add this to your bucket list this summer!

4. Roast the Perfect Smore’ 

No matter how you like your marshmallows; whether you slowly rotisserie your mallow’ to get that wonderful golden glow or prefer yours burnt and crispy, there is no better feeling than biting into a hand-crafted s’more that is roasted JUST to your liking.

5. Two Words. Banana. Boat.

Think, tubing… with a twist. We can’t really capture the epic-ness in words… You’ll just have to experience it for yourself! 👀

6. Try a Different Skill Every Day

Bubble soccer, Calligraphy, Lake Life, and more! Campers at Cohutta Springs get to choose what they do every day. Skill breakouts are just one way that campers get to customize their schedule. If you absolutely love kayaking, paddleboarding, and the waterslide, you may want to sign up for the “Lake Life” skill every day. (And you can!) But if you want to mix it up, try adding this challenge to your bucket list. Try a different skill every day. Who knows? You may discover a new favorite hobby that you’ve never even thought of. You could be a Jewelry making PRO and you don’t even know it yet!

Now that we’ve got the ideas flowing, you can create your own Summer 2022 bucket list. And if you aren’t registered yet for next summer, don’t wait! Secure your spot today!

Not Yet Registered for Summer 2022?

Not Yet Registered for Summer 2022?