Cleveland Bucket List

Your Cleveland Bucket List 🪣

We are just a hop, skip, and a moon-walk away from the Summer of a Lifetime. Just as promised, we’re releasing WinShape Camps Bucket lists for each camp location leading up to the summer! This third bucket list is for our one-of-a-kind Cleveland campers.

At camp, we program an ample amount of fun into every camp day. A lot of the things you’ll do at camp are part of our programming, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there! These Bucket list items are curated from YOUR responses to our Instagram poll, and additional responses from our full-time staff (previous campers themselves. 😉) Here are a few things you can do on your own to create memories that will last a lifetime…

1. Be Inducted Into Your Squad

This one is for our first-time Cleveland campers… When you get to camp, you’ll be placed into your very own Squad! Whether you’re a Hydro, Quake, or Blaze, we can assure you that you will be welcomed into the brotherhood with open arms. Each Squad has a one-of-a-kind induction ceremony, but shhhh…🤫 Can you keep a secret? Only YOUR squad knows what your induction is like, but each one is super special. Then, once induction is complete, the FUN challenges can begin!

2. Search for Kingdom Treasures

If you like a good scavenger hunt, this bucket list item is for you! Each summer, we hide Kingdom Treasure alllll across campus. Each of the three Kingdom Treasure represents one of our three Squads. As you’re walking around at camp, be on high alert for these hidden treasures because each one is worth a whopping 250 points that go towards your squad’s score. And remember, whoever’s squad has the MOST points at the end of camp wins the Squad Cup! (More details on that to come…)

3. Learn All the Motions to the Theme Song

Every year, our team writes a brand-new Theme Song that mirrors our theme of the summer. THIS summer we’re traveling into space to explore more about Jesus and discover Truth!  The lyrics re-enforce our “daily truths” and the dance motions are unmatched! Our 2022 Theme Song hasn’t launched YET but stay tuned… When our theme song “lifts off” *bah dum chh* you’ll be the first to know. And if you’re up for the challenge, learn the motions before coming to camp and impress all your camp friends with your AWESOME dance moves. 😉

4. WIN Squad Wars

All week the three Squads of the WinShape Kingdom have been competing in our Daily Challenges, and now we get to join in one final battle for it all – SQUAD WARS! Join the rest of your brother from the Squad you call home as you defend your base and try to take down the opposing Squads with sawdust-dilled socks! 🧦 Come dressed in your best camo, or squad colors. Everything has been leading up to this moment. If your Squad claims victory in Squad Wars, you’ll be awarded a TON of points towards the goal of holding the Squad Cup for another year!

5. Make the BIGGEST Cannonball on Pool Day

Man, we wish it were summer already. Leaping into a pool on a hot summer day sounds like the greatest thing ever! Raise your hand if you’re excited!! There’s something for everyone at pool day. Marco Polo, pool basketball,  inflatables… you name it! Add this to your bucket list and gather your friends for an epic cannonball competition and see who can make the BIGGEST splash!

6. Win One of the Daily Challenges With Your Squad

We’re coming back this summer with ultimate, over-the-top awesome Daily Challenges! Once again, our three Squads will face off in challenges that test their speed and agility, endurance, and strength!🏃‍♂️🏋️🤾‍♂️ Think… relay races, dodgeball, water games, and MORE! There’s no telling what kind of challenges will await, but one thing is for sure. You’ll get points for each daily challenge that your squad wins. So get pumped, and add this to your summer 2022 bucket list if you’re a fan of a little friendly competition.

7. Beat your Counselor at Carpet Ball

Carpet Ball? What’s that?! Carpet Ball is a popular game amongst campers and staffers alike at almost all of our overnight camp locations. Although Gaga-ball and Spike-ball HAVE gained popularity in recent years, I bet you didn’t know this… Carpet Ball has been a staple at WinShape Camps for just about as long as we’ve existed! You may be wondering, how does one play carpet ball? All we’ll say is that you need two players, a table covered in carpet, pool balls, and a little bit of strategy. So bring your strategy and see if you can beat your counselor in this classic WinShape Camps past-time!

8. Compete for the Squad Cup

Three Squads. Three brotherhoods. One WinShape Kingdom. All week your squad will be put to the test (and have a lot of fun) competing in Daily Challenges, searching for Kingdom Treasures, and ultimately, coming face-to-face in the Squad Wars battle. Each victory will earn your squad points that go towards the ULTIMATE goal of holding the Squad Cup until next summer! If you and your Squad are up for the challenge, add this item to your bucket list! Next summer is going to be EPIC! 🏆

Now that we’ve got the ideas flowing, you can create your own Summer 2022 bucket list. And if you aren’t registered yet for next summer, don’t wait! Secure your spot today!

Not Yet Registered for Summer 2022?

Not Yet Registered for Summer 2022?