WinShape Camps’ Newest Podcast!

Helloooo parents! We’ve been holding onto this for a while and are ECSTATIC to introduce you to a new podcast: Carpool Conversations. 🏫 🚗 🚙 (Available wherever you stream podcasts)

Do you ever wonder if you’re having the right conversations with your kids? Maybe sometimes it feels natural, but other times it’s hard to even get a meaningful conversation started? Or do you ever wish you could have just a fewww words of encouragement whispered in your ear? Well.. that’s what we’re here for! Here at WinShape Camps, we know parenting isn’t easy. So we decided to start a podcast to inspire and come behind parents just like you! Our founder Truett Cathy always said, “How do you know if someone needs encouragement? If they are breathing.” We want parents to know that we are with you, and for you, and want to encourage you along the way.

A Down-to-Earth Podcast for Parents

This bi-weekly podcast is dedicated to encouraging and equipping parents like you to have meaningful and intentional conversations with your kids. Hosted by two remarkable moms – Amy Lowe and Sara Jones – Carpool Conversations bring authenticity and Christ-centered truths to the forefront. So get ready for down-to-earth discussions, personal stories, practical examples, and though-provoking questions meant to help lay the foundation for powerful parent-child dialogues.

In each episode we’ll be discussing what it’s like to be a kid in today’s world, and giving you a few questions to help you have meaningful conversations with your kids. Maybe that’s picking them up from school, at the dinner table, or right before tucking them into bed…

So tune in TODAY for the launch of Carpool Conversations, wherever you stream podcasts! Talk to ya soon! 😄