A Sneak Peek of WinShape Camps ON

Non-stop. Always. Forever. Whenever, wherever — right now. That’s ON.

Earlier this week, you may have seen our video announcing a BRAND NEW experience from WinShape Camps called ON. We’ve taken “NO” camp and literally flipped it around. Outside of knowing that this experience will be 100% authentic to WinShape Camps, you may have a lot of questions about just exactly what it is we are creating for Summer 2020! We’re here to give you a short preview of all the things to come. 

No matter what, there are no substitutes for actual camp.

Our team recognized early on that there is no substitute for being able to actually go to camp. From escaping into a new environment to the energy of so many campers coming together — there’s just no way to replicate that at home. However, we’ve worked really hard to bring some of your favorite parts of camp to you this summer.

This summer we will be offering two types of experiences: ON Jr. will be offered for kids who’ve completed grades K-6, and ON Sr. will be offered for those who have completed grades 7-12. We realize life looks really different across these age groups, and we want to make sure the experiences speak to campers at their level.

Both WinShape Camps ON Jr. and Sr. will be covered in faith as we talk about the truths from John 10:10 and how, even in a pandemic, Jesus is the Life Giver. You can expect both of these experiences to kick off the week of June 15.

Introducing WinShape Camps ON Jr. 

ON Jr. will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. We’ve turned the campus of WinShape Camps at Mt. Berry into a real-life film studio, where we will be producing next-level content all summer long to keep your camper engaged. We’ve also built a custom, family-friendly video platform where this camp experience will happen. 

As you might expect from WinShape Camps, it’s not all just screen time either. Campers who register will also get to select two skills to be included in a Camper Kit they receive in the mail. Inside of the Camper Kit will be items for their Skills, a theme T-shirt, and all sorts of other surprises. 🎉 Campers will also be placed in Forces — similar to the way they would belong to  a Tribe, Club, Squad, or Village during a typical summer at camp. They’ll be able to cheer on their Force from home as they watch challenges and even participate themselves.

All of this plus opportunities for LIVE interactions with our Summer Staff are coming this summer to WinShape ON Jr.

Introducing WinShape Camps ON Sr. 

ON Sr. will also have all of the things campers love – just packed into a shorter length of time. We’ll be streaming a LIVE event one night a week that completed grades 7-12 will be invited to be a part of. We know that one of the reasons senior campers love camp is the friends they make, so a big part of this experience will be connecting your senior camper with a community group where they can talk about what happened in the live stream event.

Come one, come all

“So is this experience for my camper who attended WinShape Camps for Communities in Warner Robins, GA?” Yes — they’ll love the day camp-like schedule.

“Is it for my camper who is a 3rd year Bumbline at WinShape Camps for Girls at Young Harris?” Yes — for this summer she’ll be all about her new Force.

“What about for our son who was going to be moving into his second tribe at WinShape Camps for Boys at Mt. Berry?” Yes! He’ll get to rejoin the Tribe in 2021!

“Okay — last question — this is the first time I’ve heard of WinShape Camps. Can my kid participate?” Yes! This will be the perfect on-ramp to joining us for an in-person experience one day.

We’ve created this experience to satisfy the camp cravings for those campers who’ve been a part of WinShape Camps for a LONNNNNGGGG time (like our 2020 Theme Song below!). We’ve also created it so that families who have yet to experience WinShape Camps in person get a taste of what the Summer of a Lifetime is like. Come one, come all! 

More Information Coming Very Soon! 

We’re putting the finishing touches on all of the fine details that will make this experience E P I C. Stay tuned for more information about dates, registration opening, pricing and SO MUCH MORE! You can sign up to get updates here.