2019 Cohutta Springs Recap

Donuts, Diplomas and So Much More!

Over 3 years ago, we decided to take on a new adventure by launching our first-ever overnight camp designed specifically for high school girls. We may be biased, but it just keeps getting better and better.

This year we had more campers than ever join us on that serine peninsula we call Cohutta Springs. It felt amazing having more seats and meal tables filled, and a greater presence at Late Nites and Skill Breakouts. Above these elements, we had an opportunity to create transformational experiences for over 250 high school girls. Campus felt alive, it was wild and free, and it was a summer that camper after camper stated will be a critical part of their legacies for years to come.

One of this year’s highlights was our theme, Never-Changing. They asked hard questions of their Counselors, shared their stories, and were completely transformed for the glory of the Lord. We even had parents and campers looking forward to next summer when they can apply to serve as Summer Staff because they want to pour into high school girls in the same way they have been invested in.

All of those great moments combined with the top-notch guest speakers we brought in each week created a recipe for God to do big things.

Keeping it fresh!

If you’ve been around WinShape Camps for any amount of time, you know that we’re always doing new things at camp to keep it fresh for our campers. During Weeks 3 and 4, we were able to host a special dinner called “Oh the Places You’ll Go” to celebrate senior’s last year at WinShape Camps. These seniors were able to arrive at dinner early on the patio overlooking the lake, talk about what next steps looked like in their lives after high school, and enjoyed special cupcakes and cookies as a part of their celebration.

These ladies also had the opportunity to choose their last Skill Breakouts first and be recognized in front of all of the other Legacies in Chow Hall. Campers cried and shared that this was such an intentional and sweet way to celebrate either a hard or an amazing senior experience. From the formal invitations to the decorations and programmed elements, they felt special and celebrated as the oldest campers at Cohutta Springs, during their last summer.

But that wasn’t the only thing we added in Summer 2019…

Two new Skill Breakouts included Donuts and Diplomas and Swimming, which received good responses from campers. Donuts and Diplomas was aimed at helping campers prepare for transitioning from high school to college or wherever the next season leads them. Campers were able to ask questions about what it looks like to maintain their relationship with Jesus in college, how to study well or how to find the right friend group. This Skill Breakout also provided a space for campers to share their fears or worries about stepping into a new season of life and replace it with a “sprinkle” of truth to cast out that fear; all while getting to enjoy eating some donuts. Our Swimming Breakout was one campers enjoyed choosing to attend because they were able to hang out with their friends while enjoying pool time full of fun games and life-size floats.

Some Traditions Are Worth Keeping

When we find a really winner of an activity, we like to keep it around a while! Our Blitz Paint War at Color Crews is always extremely popular on Thursdays. Color Crews is our competitive element and experience through which the grit, wit, gut, and luck of these campers is tested. This is one of the main events our campers look forward to for their time at camp. Legacies never compete against one another because we are a forest of peace, so campers are randomly split into Color Crews.

Throughout the week they compete through different games and challenges, leading up to our biggest event on Thursdays afternoons, Blitz, where we end Color Crews with an ultimate powder paint war.

See ya next summer!

Summer 2019 at WinShape Camps for Girls at Cohutta Springs was truly an answer to the prayers we have lifted to the Lord over the past year. There are campers and staff who will never be the same and now have the very best foundation upon which they can build their lives, the true rock, who is Jesus.

This summer was so much fun that, well, we’ve decided to DO IT AGAIN! Registration is open for Summer 2020 and there are already more campers registered than ever! Don’t miss out, register now!

****Don’t forget: We’re paying 50% for all first-time overnight campers!***