A Very Merry Family Christmas Night

Get in the Christmas Spirit this Weekend

Staying in this weekend? Looking to get in the Christmas Spirit? We’re here to give you a list of ideas to make your Friday night extra special and extra Christmas-y at home.

This Friday, it’s Christmas Movie Night

Have the ultimate Christmas movie night! Bring the family together to create some cards for friends, make some paper snowflakes, decorate cookies, and watch a Christmas movie. Fill your family’s night with spirit of Christmas joy.

Christmas Activities + Instructions

Send Some Cards & Snowflakes to Family & Friends

Start off the night by making and writing some cards to send off to family and friends! Lay out some construction or white paper, markers, crayons, and stickers and have your kids design 1 or 2 cards to send out the next week. Then, create a few snowflakes with white paper or coffee filters and scissors to include with the cards.

Cookie Decorating

While the kids are designing and creating snowflakes, you can put your family’s favorite cookies in the oven. Then set up a cookie decorating station where kids can decorate them with icing, sprinkles, marshmallows or any other favorite toppings.

Movie Night

Once you have finished decorating cookies, create a fort with sheets, pillows and blankets in your movie watching area. You can use binder clips to hold sheets from curtain rods. Then pick a movie from options below or watch your family’s favorite Christmas movie!