4 Reasons to Join Us at WinShape Camps for Girls at Cohutta Springs

All Out Fun, All Out Faith, Freedom to Choose, & a Lasting Legacy

This summer we got to meet with two campers, Molly and Gabby, whose WinShape journeys began at WinShape Camps for Girls at Young Harris. They shared about their transition to WinShape Camps for Girls at Cohutta Springs – and why other high school girls should too. Watch their story below!

Foundation for Faith  

 When asked “why” girls should attend WinShape Camps for Girls at Cohutta Springs next summer, Gabby quickly said, “it is definitely the foundation you need for your faith.” Molly expressed that because the camp was designed FOR high school girls, she was able to connect more with the people around her and “dive deeper in her faith” than ever before. 

Our goal is for campers to be forever transformed by the truths they learn about Jesus and themselves during their time at camp. Both girls say that the faith foundation built here has stuck with them and given them hope for “when life gets hard.”

Over the Top Fun

As former WinShape Camps for Girls director Trudy Cathy White always said, “There are three rules at camp. Who knows what they are?” The auditorium would then respond with a resounding “Have fun! Have fun! Have fun!” Our Cohutta Springs camp is no different. This camp offers water sports, outdoor adventures, epic late nite events, and a little friendly competition thrown in for good measure.  

Tubing, banana-boating, water-sliding, and MORE! Cohutta Springs has more water activities than campers know what to do with! While Molly loved the banana boat, Gabby expressed that taking a hike around the lake was one of her favorite activities – that her nest bonded during the hike and had a blast doing it!

Real Friendships 

There’s no bestie quite like a camp bestie. A week or two at any of our overnight locations allows campers to experience freedom and grow in their faith WHILE building lasting friendships.

When campers arrive at Cohutta Springs, they are placed into Legacy groups by graduating class. These Legacies are designed to immerse girls in a real, deep community during their time at camp. Gabby says that the connections she made here are deep and lifelong and that she still keeps in touch with many of her friends that she made at camp throughout the school year!


Freedom to Choose  

At Cohutta Springs, we designed camp to be a special experience for every camper. Campers have the option to choose two different Skills for each full day that they are at camp. Whether you prefer indoor skills, THRIVE in the great outdoors, or like to mix it up… campers have the freedom of choice to plan their day based on how they feel in the moment!

Gabby mentioned that she enjoyed being able to choose how she spent her free time. Each day she can decide if she wants to “play games with friends, enjoy lake adventures, or have some quiet devo time by the water. “It was cool to have that time to choose what you wanted to do.”  


A Lasting Legacy  

At Cohutta Springs, we encourage girls to leave a legacy that will last beyond the Summer of a Lifetime. We place an emphasis on leadership and spiritual development, and deep community. We want campers to experience Jesus while having the time of their lives! 

We think our camper friends did a great job at sharing why YOU should be at camp next summer! Registration is open now for Summer 2023and spots are filling up! Don’t miss out, register now!