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2014 Staffer Story | Kathleen Watkins

My story is about a camper named Justin. Justin was an enthusiastic sea turtle in the second grade.

IMG_3470 He loved to play hard, but Justin also loved to listen. He was extremely smart and could dish out math problems hard enough to stump a college student.

Tuesday afternoon during team time I shared about how to listen to God. I explained how God is not a human, He’s much bigger, and He has no limit to the ways He can communicate with us. Sometimes, He even communicates through other people. Justin came up to me during power surge and shared that God had used me to communicate with him. What I said was exactly what he needed to hear, and he was thankful for me. I knew then that Justin was listening for God.

The next day, God began to prepare my heart for a talk with Justin before I even knew that it was going to happen. I have always been nervous about sharing my testimony because I do not have a life-altering turnaround story. My story is more in how Jesus changes my heart daily. Before we even had our morning meeting, Jesus began to reveal to me more about how salvation works itself out in our lives and how it is more than a one-time experience. Then, Shon-D spoke about how the gospel is lived out in our daily lives. Once again, Jesus was preparing me.

That afternoon was SAT’s, and Justin circled that he wanted to talk. I took Justin out into the hallway and asked what he wanted to talk about. He said that he wanted to receive eternal life, and he said that he believed in Jesus. He even said that he was in church one time, and that’s when he remembers first understanding who Jesus was and what Jesus did for him. But, Justin said he never received anything in the mail. He never received a gift or felt any different, and Justin just was not sure that He was really saved.

This is what Jesus had been preparing me for. I was able to share with Justin how I did not feel any different when I accepted Christ, how Jesus works in the everyday things and shows Himself to us as powerful in ways that we do not even notice. I shared that since I accepted Christ I have felt the Lord’s presence, I have experienced His blessing, and I have even seen miracles happen but it did not come from a one-time experience.

Justin understood everything and was able to tell me the gospel in his own words. He wanted Jesus in his life so much, and his little eyes just sparkled. Justin asked if he could pray and then if I would pray for him. He prayed the sweetest prayer thanking Jesus for saving him from his sins and for dying on the cross. Then with tears in my eyes and a knot in my throat I prayed that Jesus would reveal His power to this child.

Justin thanked me for praying for him and went back in the room with a smile on his face. He shared his story with a few others and I could tell there was a new light about Justin.

I thank Jesus for the life that He saved that Wednesday and the faith that He strengthened through the light in a child.

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Kathleen Watkins
First Year Staffer
Gold Team 2014
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