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Loved WinShape Camps for Boys at Cleveland and Want MORE Camp?

Two-Weeks = More Big-Time Over-the-Top Moments

So, your camper has completed their final year at WinShape Camps for Boys at Cleveland and doesn’t want their WinShape journey to end just quite yet. Or, maybe you loved your one-week experience at Cleveland so much and wish you could have stayed for longer? Then stay tuned, because we have just the camp experience for you!

Over 30 years ago, we launched our first overnight camp on the campus of Berry College in Rome, GA. In whatever form you have experienced WinShape Camps, whether it was at WinShape Camps for Communities or one of our overnight locations, our mission has always been the same – to create experiences that transform campers and families with the message of Jesus.

Sending your camper to camp for two weeks is a big deal. As an organization, we recognize that when you drop your kids off at camp, we are assuming a GREAT responsibility and want every parent to feel confident on Spectacular Starting Sunday! To do this we wanted you to hear firsthand from a family that has made this leap. The Blythe family has been a part of the WinShape Nation for a considerable amount of time, and their three boys, Reece (5th grade), Rhett (7th grade), and Ryder (10th grade), started their journey at WinShape Camps for Boys at Cleveland. Once their oldest son Ryder aged out, they all decided to make the switch to two-week camp at Mount Berry. We hope that their responses to these questions help YOU make the decision on whether our two-week WinShape Camps for Boys at Mt. Berry is right for your family!

We’ve Got Questions, The Blythe Family Has Answers…

What was your experience like at Cleveland? What were some of your favorite camp activities?

When did you make the switch from Cleveland (one week) to Mount Berry (two weeks)? 

What was one camp theme that you loved or meant a lot to you?

“We really liked the HOPE theme from 2015. The theme verse from 2 Corinthians 4:18 reminds us to not look at what is present in the world, but at what God has to offer us.  We always want to look at the things we have and want, but the most important things are those that God has to offer us in eternal life.”

After attending camp at Cleveland, what was it like making the transition to Mt. Berry?  What did you feel when walking onto campus for the first time?

What are some of your favorite things about WinShape Camps for Boys at Mount Berry?

What would say to someone thinking about attending Mount Berry this summer?

We think Reece, Rhett, and Ryder did an INCREDIBLE job sharing their WinShape story! If you think that WinShape Camps for Boys at Mount Berry is right for your family, don’t wait! The Summer of a Lifetime is just a few clicks away. Register Now!

For more information, visit our website, or always feel free to contact our Customer Experience Team at 844-WSCAMPS (844-972-2677).

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