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My Young Harris Story By Shay Thomas

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My name is Shay, and I first heard  about WinShape in 2012. My cousin told me we should go to the one week overnight camp at Young Harris. She gets homesick easily so she wanted me there, even though we would be in different clubs. When I went to camp I wasn’t a Christian at all but WinShape sounded so much fun, so I went. At the end of the week I had accepted Christ into my heart! That summer I ended up going to camp twice. I was originally only scheduled for one week of camp, but I ended up missing camp so much that my parents drove me straight from our family vacation at the beach back to Young Harris so I could go back for one last week. I just love WinShape so much! In 2013 I got two of my friends to go and they had a blast and came back this year. I love going to WinShape because I learn so much and the friendships I have with the staff are just amazing. They just are so loving and caring and make me feel so good about myself. WinShape is the best and the safest place I know. I dream about the day I get to work at WinShape!

Shay Thomas
“The proudest person to be a Bumbline!”
Girls Camp at Young Harris
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