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WSC for Girls: One Counselor’s Priceless Gift to a Camper with Bold Faith

Ashley was never supposed to end up at a Christian camp, but somehow she did. And because of it, she’s bravely taking the Gospel back home to her family.

While settling into her new suite at WinShape Camps for Girls at Young Harris, Ashley shared with her counselor, Kristen, that her mom didn’t want her to be at camp. When Kristen asked her why, Ashley answered, “It’s because this is a Christian camp. I didn’t tell my mom that it was when she was signing me up, but she found out three days before I was leaving to come here. She said that if she hadn’t already paid, she wouldn’t have let me come. My mom made me promise that I would not become a Christian…see, my family is Jewish, and they really don’t like Christians.”

Kristen’s heart broke as Ashley went on to say she’d never owned a Bible and hadn’t heard these “truths” everyone kept talking about at camp.

Later that week, the two had a one-on-one where Ashley asked Kristen a lot of questions about salvation and eventually decided she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart.

“I know this is what I am supposed to do,” she said. “I know that when I go home my family will not be happy, but that’s okay because Jesus loves me, and I pray my family will be able to see that and see me following him and start to ask questions about him, too.”

Kristen was overwhelmed at Ashley’s maturity and personal realization of what her decision might mean for her family. The two prayed and started talking through how she could navigate her situation when she returned home. As they started talking through how to read and use Scripture, Ashley shared that the only Bible she had was the one given to her by WinShape, and that she had no idea where to start.

Kristen’s thoughts were immediately shifted to the Bible she had owned for many years, filled with highlighted verses and marks and notes. She felt the Lord speaking to her, telling her to give the camper her Bible.

So she did.

As Kristen transferred her possession of that Bible Ashley, she led her through a reading plan to use once she got home. In that moment, Kristen’s obedience gave a new believer a guide to lead her through her new life in Christ.

Kristen held that truth close as she parted ways with Ashley at the end of that week: “I don’t know what going home is going to be like for her, but I pray that her family will be understanding and that she will continue to live boldly for Christ.”

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