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Wrapping Up Summer 2017

As the summer sun transitions to cooler fall breezes, excitement for fall begins to mix with nostalgia for the summer that has now come and gone.

Whether you spent your days lounging by the pool or road-tripping with the family, we can all agree that the three short months of freedom went by all too quickly.

Some of you have enough stories of summer adventures to write a series that rivals Narnia, while others are left wondering where the time has gone.

We here in the WinShape Nation, however, can sum up the past three months in four words.

Summer. Of. A. Lifetime.

From Chicago to Kansas, Mt. Berry to Brazil, WinShape Camps extracted every possible adventure the summer had to offer – and breathed life into more than 34,437 campers in nearly 100 cities, 15 states, and two countries.

To say that “camp was fun” would be an understatement to say the least. With over 52 different skills taught, 180 Nite Life events, more than 100 triangulation games played, it is impossible to ignore all of the incredible memories that were made this summer.

Memories of afternoons at the pool, mornings on the rec field, and evenings up late with friends have us wishing that we could fast forward to May 2018 and do it all over again.

Right now, teams at our Home Office are ALREADY planning Summer 2018! We are dreaming up new activities, praying over your campers, and even searching for the best group of college staffers in the country!

Believe us, there is much to do before we can start tagging photos with #campiscoming! Amidst all of this preparation, however, there is one thing that is for sure —

We are ready for you!

Our team is SO EXCITED for Summer 2018 that we can hardly wait to meet all of YOU, the members of the WinShape Nation! And since we can’t wait even one more moment, we have already opened up registration!

Can you believe it?

With over 40% of our slots already filled from preregistration, it’s important to register as soon as you can to guarantee your spot! Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on all of the amazing stories that will be written this summer as we unpack our theme, Shepherd!

Make sure to keep checking the blog as we share more information about Summer 2018, recount stories from some of our awesome staffers, and even offer up fun activities to do throughout the year as you prepare for #WSC2018!


We’re ready, are you?

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