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Winter Weekend with WinShape Camps for Girls 365

Slumbrr parties, worship nights, skills and camp bestie reunions! Every camper’s dreams came true this weekend as 96 Girls from all three WinShape Camps for Girls locations reconnected in Mt. Berry, Georgia, for Winter Weekend with WSC for Girls 365!

Last weekend marked the second event hosted by the 365 program this year. While Winter Weekend served as an opportunity for our girls to reconnect with their camp besties, returning campers were also joined by 26 summer staffers from all three camps.   Worship Speaker Adria King spoke to the girls about our upcoming theme, Shepherd, while also bridging the new content with last summer’s theme, All. She challenged all of the campers to see the connection between giving their ALL to God and  knowing Him as the Good Shepherd.

“When we love God with our all, we trust Him as the good shepherd.”

She reminded us that we always have the opportunity to fight distractions in our daily life,” explains Jenna Johnson, photographer with WinShape Camps for Girls at Mt. Berry. Because Winter Weekend is the only opportunity for all three camps to merge together, girls had the opportunity to experience aspects from each location throughout the weekend! Skill rotations inspired by Cohutta Springs, Ultimate Rec! from Young Harris, and Teambuilding — a Mt. Berry specialty — were just a few of the many activities on the agenda for the weekend. Each night featured a Late Nite event, where girls had the chance to dress up and enjoy different themed activities. Girls snacked on s’mores and sipped coffee on the first night at “The Beanery” and had an all-out girls’ night with a “Slumbrr Party” on their final evening.   “The weekend was such a sweet reminder of how God loves and cares for us in such detail,” says Jenna, “and I just loved getting to be with these people who are all focused on serving for the glory of God and encouraging nonstop and communicating God’s truths in so many ways.” Winter Weekend is just one of three annual events held by WinShape Camps for Girls 365. Register today to stay connected with WinShape Camps all year long!     WinShape Camps for Girls 365 is a program created out of our desire to see our campers daily live out the truths they learn at camp. We are committed to creating opportunities for campers to revisit and review the powerful content they hear in the summer for the purpose of continued life application. These opportunities may include touch points such as online webinars, school visits, mailed resources, and large group gatherings. Regardless of what the touch point looks like, there will always be an emphasis on community and spiritual investment. We recognize the lifelong impact and meaningful relationships campers experience as a part of the WinShape Nation. Our goal is to steward well our position as welcomed influencers by connecting with campers and their families 365 days a year.
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