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WinShape Camps International Project: New Partners in Costa Rica

For the past nine years, WinShape Camps has been sending summer staffers to communities surrounding Brasilia and Sao Paulo Brazil. Born out of a strong desire of summer staffers to serve internationally, WinShape Camps International seeks to share the good news of Christ and bring camps to communities in other parts of the world.

Beginning in March 2009, our summer and full-time staffers have had the opportunity to share the experience of camp to children in Brazil for two weeks in the spring. Just four years later, in 2013, WSC launched its first summer international experience, offering camp in six additional communities surrounding Brasilia and Sao Paulo. This past summer, WSCI had the pleasure of bringing the overnight camps experience to campers in Brazil for the first time ever! Since the first trip to Brazil in 2009, WSCIP has served 20 different communities – reaching more than 5,000 campers! This year, we are so excited to begin a new chapter in our international ministries by bringing camps to the very communities in Costa Rica that grow coffee served by Chick-Fil-A. We will be piloting our day-camp experience in two communities in March with our Spring Project and will return to serve an additional six communities this summer. Not only does this mark the beginning of new international partnerships for WinShape Camps as we join forces with the ThriveWorx Foundation, but our camps will serve as a catalyst to a broader youth empowerment effort initiated by ThriveWorx aimed to transform the next generation of leaders in Costa Rica. If you’ve ever had a cup of coffee from Chick-Fil-A, you may know that the coffee is sourced from a specialty coffee company and Certified B Corp called Thrive Farmers. As Thrive Farmers’ farmer-direct profit sharing model empowers farmers to earn sustainable livelihoods, Thrive’s non-profit, the ThriveWorx Foundation partners with coffee-growing communities to end cycles of poverty and allow communities to truly thrive. We are thrilled to be joining this effort and to be able to invest in the lives of the over 1,000 young people that we expect to serve in our pilot year.  

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We cannot wait to see what this relationship looks like and how God will use camp to impact the lives of those in the communities of San Rafael de Abangares and San Rafael de Naranjo this spring.       It is our prayer that the message of the Gospel will empower the communities we visit in just a few weeks! Just as the Lord has provided for the mission in Brazil, we pray that the new partnerships in Costa Rica will equip the local church to share the Good News with its communities.
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