Now Introducing: The Legacy Years

All About The Legacy Years!

Hello CampFam! We are thrilled – delighted – overjoyed – elated to introduce a brand new opportunity for high school campers, coming to WinShape Camps in Summer 2024! πŸ₯³ We call it… The Legacy Years.

Introducing The Legacy Years at Cleveland and Young Harris πŸ—£οΈ

What is The Legacy Years?!

The Legacy Years is a brand new camp program launching in Summer 2024, for high school campers (completed 9th – 11th grade) at two of our camp locations – Girls at Young Harris, and Boys at Cleveland. You read that right! We’re adding high schoolers to our one-week camps at Young Harris and Cleveland! This program is an opportunity for our older campers to take on bigger adventures and grow deeper in their faith.

The Legacy Years will have a 3-year rotating focus on these key areas:

  1. Spiritual Disciplines πŸ“–
  2. Identity in Christ πŸ‘€
  3. Servant Leadership 🀲

Why call it The Legacy Years? – Because your life matters! You are leaving a legacy by the way you live today as well as paving the way for future impact. Former WinShape Camps for Girls Director, Trudy Cathy White says, β€œThe legacy you’ll leave THEN is the life you are living NOW.” We want our lives to make an impact on others and we want to offer up our whole heart to God following Him where He leads.

The Legacy Years Experience

So how does it work?

Our high school campers at Young Harris and Cleveland will do things a little bit differently than their younger campmates. Camper numbers will be smaller for this group, so the bonds formed amongst them will be strong, and the main focus will be on community rather than clubs (YH) & squads (Cleveland.) But have no fear! Camp culture is still at the core of any WinShape Camps experience, so our clubs and squads aren’t going anywhere! Returning campers will stay in the same clubs & squads they were in when they attended one-week camp in the past, and new campers will be assigned to one.

The Legacy Years is designed with high schoolers in mind! While still connected to the Young Harris and Cleveland camp experience and attending many of the same events, like Jumpstart and Hydrate; campers will also get to participate in exclusive, “high-school-only” events and activities. At WinShape Camps we are ALL IN on adventure, and The Legacy Years is taking adventure to the next level with on-campus AND off-campus adventures!

Continuing the Legacy of Cohutta Springs

Since we launched WinShape Camps for Girls at Cohutta Springs, one of our desires has been to create camp experiences specifically designed for high school campers. As we look to the future, we want to build on the success of camp at Cohutta Springs while going deeper with high school-aged campers, creating even more opportunities for them to attend WinShape Camps. So in 2024 we will be moving our one-week high school girls experience from Cohutta Springs to a location many of them are familiar with, WinShape Camps for Girls at Young Harris.

While we know leaving Cohutta Springs may be hard for some of your campers, rest assured, we plan on taking the best parts of Cohutta Springs and moving them to Young Harris. We are looking forward to the launch of The Legacy Years with excitement and anticipation for how high school-aged campers at both Young Harris and Cleveland will continue to experience the Summer of a Lifetime.

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