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#thankfulALLtheTIME Dance Challenge

The holidays are here — which means so is the rest of the family!

We understand that at times it can be difficult to find fun activities that involve the whole family, especially when you are trying to stay on a budget.

Rather than scrambling to find a game or purchasing materials to make a messy craft, we thought the members of the WinShape Nation might want to do something a little more silly and dance-y this Thanksgiving break.

If you know anything about summer 2017, you know that our theme song “All Time” was incredibly catchy and has an even more memorable dance to go along with it!

Months later, WSC staffers all over the country still can’t help but whip, dab, and spin around every time the theme song comes on!

We decided that there’s no better way to start out this new holiday season than to present to you, the WinShape Nation:

We want you to get all of your family members together and film a video of you doing the 2017 theme dance to “All Time”!

If you need a few pointers on how to do some of the moves, we’ve created an instructional video so you can boogie along with us.

All Time Dance How-To

Once you’ve learned the moves, put it together and share your video on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) using the hashtag, #thankfulALLtheTIME.

All Time Dance

We’ve even created a shortened clip for you to use when you record the video:

Once you’ve uploaded your video, be sure to tag another family that you think should participate in the challenge!

Get the whole family involved! Feel free to put on crazy costumes or rep any camp gear you might have! We want to see your family have fun bustin’ a move together!

The video challenge will open up November 22 and will run through November 26, so be sure to get in your video as soon as possible!

We can’t wait to see you give it ALL you’ve got!

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