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Summer Crafts | Jar ‘O Fun

I can remember vividly as a child wrestling over how I would spend my summer days. I seemed to cycle through the same five things which of course, made summer days seem to drag on in boredom. Both of my parents worked and money was tight making vacations, camps and other summer activities infrequent in our plans. Dad fortunately was able to work from home at the time which alleviated the need for a babysitter. What it didn’t alleviate however, was the need for two and then later three girls to be entertained during the day.

Having limited access to what I would have considered “fun”, I daily asked myself questions like:
What movies would I watch?
Would I play outside? Ride my bike? Play hide-and-seek in the woods behind my house?
Would I play school and make my little sister Emmy be my student?
Would I set-up my Barbie village again and play with them?
Would dad encourage me to sit still at the dining room table and color a picture for his office?
There was only so much you could do at home. I had no responsibilities further than keeping my room clean among other chores around the house. I had too much free time on my hands and couldn’t seem to figure out how to fill it.
Life was hard.
TopJar But that was all before Pinterest. Had I grown up with access to something like Pinterest, boredom would be a foreign concept. To keep your kids busy and entertained this summer, I recommend compiling a jar full of activities that can be drawn from at any time. First, find a jar (This can be an empty spaghetti jar or even a Pringles can; feel free to recycle an item already found in your home). If you want, you can decorate it or label it “Jar ‘O Fun”
Second, cut strips of paper large enough to write down different ideas (I’ve found that 1×4” works well).
BucketList Third, spend time with your child picking out different activities. These can be things you already know, things found on Pinterest or other places online. Once you’ve selected an item, write it down on one of the strips.
Lastly, compile the strips and put them into the jar to complete your project and pull from the jar anytime you are looking for something fun to do!
Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 11.08.01 AM **If you want to take it one step further, set aside a budget for the summer and buy some supplies for the different activities. This little shopping trip can be the kick-off to your summer and act as one more activity for you and your family to do together! Once you’ve bought the supplies, you can decide on a good location to store them.
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