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Staff Feature: Sydney

  • Hometown: Anderson, South Carolina
  • University: Clemson University
  • Degree: Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Year in school: Senior

  • Favorite camp song/cheer: I’ve seen some pretty spectacular Triangulation Cheer-Off Cheers, but nothing beats the togetherness of the BoBo.
  • Favorite Bible Verse/Life verse: Philippians 2: 1-11
  • Favorite dance move: I just go for it.
From volunteer to volunteer Director, Sydney Smith has been a part of the WinShape Nation for the past seven years! Though she has served with WinShape Camps for Communities at Cobb and WinShape Camps International Project, she has spent most of her summers working with WinShape Camps for Communities as a team time leader, volunteer director, and this summer as a camp director. “I applied for WSC for Communities because I wanted to take what had been so special and life changing for me, and be a part of the group of people who bring that joy to others.”
Sydney explains that her summers serving as a volunteer not only ignited her passion for WinShape but greatly impacted her walk with the Lord. “I truly mean it when I say that week in my community changed my life. I, along with everyone at my church, absolutely fell in love with camp. The camp atmosphere brought our community and church a new kind of energy and life. The staffers poured into the volunteers in a way that encouraged us and made us want to be a part of camp forever. The presence of camp brought with it a message of hope, for not only myself, but for campers, families, my church, the volunteers, and the community.” Her first summer as a team time leader on the blue team was nothing short of life-changing. Between moments of personal development and uplifting community, Sydney left her first summer more confident in who God has created her to be.
“When coming home from my first summer, I could only describe it as one of the most challenging things I had ever done, but easily the best thing I have ever done,” she says. “My first summer transformed my heart and my mind, and introduced me to who the Lord calls me to be. Because of the work of the Lord in the communities we visited, through the stories shared, and in the people I worked with and followed, I couldn’t help but to come back to camp year after year.”
Through each of her camp experiences, Sydney has grown in her confidence and relationship with the Lord. “Each season, summer, role, volunteer, church, community, and team has continued to shape me, challenge me, and stretch me in a way that shows me more and more of what it looks like to know and rely on Jesus.” Just this spring, Sydney served with WinShape for its International Project in Costa Rica. She explains that this experience enriched her sense of WinShape community as she was able to work with staffers from all parts of the WinShape Nation. “I am still so honored and humbled to have been able to serve and learn from some of the greatest teams I have been a part of,” she says. “One of the greatest joys of being able to play that role in camp was seeing the very same hope and life that had been ignited in myself and my community just a few short years ago, shared in so many different communities.”
This summer Sydney will be serving as the director of the Green Team with WinShape Camps for Communities, and we can’t think of anyone better to lead our staffers and impact the lives of communities all over the United States!
  “This year we’ll get to hear all about how The Lord is our Shepherd, and I can with certainty say that the Lord has used WinShape Camps in my own story to assure me that there is no path unexplored by God and there is no journey that He won’t take with us,” she says. “The journey continues.”
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