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Staff Feature: Chris Devine

Chris Devine, four-time returning staffer, has always been a leader in the WinShape Nation with WinShape Camps for Communities — but this time he is coming back in a new position. Chris is excited to be joining WinShape this Summer of 2018 to serve as the Director for the Black Team!

  • Hometown: Clearwater, Florida
  • University: University of South Florida
  • Degree: Business Management
  • Year in school: Junior
  • Favorite camp song/cheer: The BoBo
  • Favorite Bible Verse/Life verse: Isaiah 55:8-11
  • Favorite dance move: The Milly Rock

Chris began his journey with WinShape Camps in 2014 on the Silver Team with WSC for Communities, serving as a team time leader. He first heard about camp his freshman year of college when speaking with a Campus Rep at his school, the University of South Florida. However, what attracted him to working for WinShape wasn’t just the opportunity to work with children all summer. Chris saw WSC as an opportunity to meld two of his greatest passions into one summer of Kingdom work.

“Having grown up in the church and having played sports all my life my dream has always been to find a vessel to connect the two… The idea of spending an entire summer traveling the telling kids about Jesus and playing/coaching sports seemed like a dream, so I immediately applied.

“Looking back at my first staff training, it was that experience that really changed my life. Before then, I never had the opportunity to lead and serve alongside so many incredible people in pursuit of one goal and purpose; A community of people that just want to see me win and do my best everyday. A body of believers that were so focused on loving God and learning how to be a better leaders.”

A huge part of the reason Chris keeps coming back each summer is to serve in the body of believers that is the WinShape Nation.

“My summers with WinShape have given me the opportunity to build real lasting relationships with amazing people.”

One of his favorite memories from Camp is a night from his second summer, serving on the Brown Team, when the girls on his team had an appreciation night for the guys on the team.

“They drove us to a waterfront park and gave us footballs to throw around. We enjoyed a great dinner full of Chicken wings and other manly things, but what really made the night for me is what the girls did after.”

“After we finished eating, the lead us over to a pavilion where large bowls of water had been waiting. They sat us down and one by one they began to pray and wash our feet.  It was such an emotional time for everyone involved because we all experienced and felt Christ-like love.  They finished by presenting each guy on our team a stone which had a word that described them as what they meant to the team. It was a powerful demonstration of how we as Followers of Christ should serve each other and the people we come across everyday. I will never forget the overwhelming love of God I felt in that experience.”

Beyond the relationships he has developed, Chris explains that his time at camp has changed the way he lives his life outside of the summer as well.

“It has really pushed me to strive for excellence in all that I do. It has given me the ability to lead and serve in ways that I never imagined. Every summer I go back home challenged by the theme I taught that summer. I can honestly say that I would not be the man that I am today if not from my experiences through my summers working for WinShape Camps.”

“That staff training and first summer as a Team Time Leader propelled me to work two more summers as a Rec Director — and now a fourth this coming summer as a camp Director.”

This summer he will be using his passion for serving Christ through camp ministry to lead a team of college students across the country to impact communities with the message of the Gospel. Chris believes that traveling to different communities has impacted his view of the Church body as a whole. “You see firsthand how the message of Jesus Christ can change people’s lives and the community that they live in,” he explains.

“I can’t wait to be a part the impact that WinShape has on the world this summer.”

We can’t wait to see how the Lord will use Chris and the Black Team to further His Kingdom this summer as they travel across the country to share the Gospel! Please keep the Black Team and all of our WSC for Communities teams in your prayers as we near the beginning of their journeys this summer.

For more information about WinShape Camps for Communities, and finding a camps location in your community, check out the “Day Camps” section on the WinShape Camps website.

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