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In-Shape with WinShape Workout

Happy 2018! With two weeks of the new year under our belts, each of us have had the chance to adapt to new routines and new habits tailored to each of our new year’s resolutions. With each new year, it comes as no surprise that many plan their resolutions around health and fitness related goals. We at WinShape Camps believe that healthiness of body and spirit are important in the lives of believers! We also believe that you can never have too much fun — so why make your workout routine boring?

Instead of dragging to the gym to do your typical cardio or strength routine, why not tackle part of your new year’s resolution with this fun camp-inspired workout!

Each of the moves can be done without equipment, and is inspired by one of our groups from WinShape Camps for Boys at Cleveland and WinShape Camps for Communities!

Grab your friends and favorite campers and spend the next 30 minutes getting in-shape with WinShape!



Each set has two exercises, which should be completed each for 20 seconds immediately followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat each set 4 times through before moving on to the next set of exercises.


  1. Blaze Burpees: start from a standing position, then plant hands firmly on the ground and hop your legs out until your body is in a plank position. Immediately hop your feet to meet your hands and explode into the air in a jump (or a tuck jump if you are feeling extra energetic!) This constitutes one burpee.
  2. Blaze Bicycle Abs: While lying on your back, place both hands behind the nape of your neck, and lift knees into a table top position, where your shins are parallel to the ground. Extend one leg and twist your torso to meet your opposite elbow to opposite knee, while keeping your shoulder blades lifted off of the ground. Alternate opposite knee to opposite elbow.


  1. Diver’s Push Ups (shoulder push ups): Start in a downward dog position where your hips are lifted into the air, while your hands and feet are planted into the ground forming an inverted “v” position with your body. Keep core tight and slowly bend your arms at the elbows, moving your head closer to the ground, then straightening the elbows to push back up. Keep your hips lifted at all times.
  2. Swimmers Kicks (flutter kicks): While lying on your back, lift feet a few inches- one foot off of the ground and flutter your feet, kicking like a swimmer doing backstroke. Be sure to keep your low back pressed into the ground you do this to avoid low back strain.


  1. Earthquake Abs: Extend your legs on the floor and sit straight up, forming an 90° angle with your body. Keeping your back straight and chest open, lean back slowly until your core is “quaking” to keep your body upright. This should be held at a position right before you lose your balance.
  2. Earthquake Feet (fast feet): spread your feet slightly further than shoulder-width apart and run your feet on the ground as fast as you can, like a football player doing fast-feet warm ups.


  1. Walk the Plank Abs (walking plank): Beginning in plank position, alternate dropping down onto your elbows, one arm at a time, and then immediately pushing back into plank, one arm at a time. Maintain a stable core as you walk your arms out in plank.
  2. Swimmers: lay down with your stomach against the floor. Lift your feet and arms off of the ground, while keeping your torso flat onto the ground. Kick your feet and “swim” with your arms in the air, mimicking a swimming motion while lying on the ground.


  1. Snake Walks (Inch Worms): Begin by standing on the ground and walk your arms out on the ground until your body is in a plank position. Walk your arms back to your feet until you are in standing position.
  2. Elephant Hops (Basketball Jumps): stand with feet hips-width apart, lower hips into low squat and drop one arm, or “trunk”, to touch the ground. Straighten legs and jump, releasing your “trunk” arm straight into the air.


  1. Mountain climbers: begin in plank position, and pull one knee close to your chest, then the other knee, alternating knees to chest.
  2. Skiers: start in a low squat with your feet touching one another. Hop laterally, from one side to the other, maintaining a low squat.


  1. Star Jumps: begin in crouched position. Jump into the air and spread arms and legs far from the body, similar to a jumping jack, so that your body forms the shape of a star. Be sure to land with soft knees, back into crouched position.
  2. Around the World Jumps (360° squat jumps): begin in low squat, with feet shoulder width apart. Straighten legs and jump into the air. As you jump into the air, turn 90° to the right. 4 turns will take you “around the world”.


  1. Cheetah Abs: holding plank position, bring your right knee to tap the outside of your right elbow, then extend your leg back to plank position. Repeat this on the left side.
  2. Crab Walk Tricep Dips: in reverse-table position, bend your elbows to bring your hips to touch the ground, then straighten your elbows and raise hips back to reverse-table position.
  3. Full Body Tsunami Sit Ups: Begin lying on your back with arms and legs stretched in opposite directions. Slowly roll up to a seated position, keeping your arms straight above your head. Once fully seated straight up, slowly roll back down to laying down position.
  4. Standing Mountain Climbers: In standing position, alternate your knees to chest, in a movement similar to “high knees”. Extend your arms into the air, mimicking a “climbing” position.
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