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Summer 2022 Safety Updates

Summer Together

We’re so excited for camp this summer – camp together, in person, inside and outside and alongside our best friends. That’s the way it’s supposed to be!

Kids were made for this – for adventure and making friends and epic moments that just can’t be experienced behind a screen.

Last year we learned a ton about hosting camp in the current environment as it relates to COVID-19. While this year looks a little different, our team is still diligently keeping an eye on things to ensure we're able to give campers the safest summer possible! On this page you’ll find an overview of the current measures in place for this summer - all designed to keep staff, campers and families safe.

Summer Together

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3 Big Ways We’re Making a Super Spectacular, Super Safe, Super Summer!

We believe if we can follow these 3 big steps, campers will get to experience life-changing, memory-making, awesomeness all summer long! Disclaimer: These plans reflect necessary measures in light of current local and national guidelines. These plans are subject to change as we get closer to summer, depending on how the situation evolves and in response to any future regulations.

Updated May 18th, 2022

Step 1: Epic Spic 'N' Span
Step 1: Epic Spic 'N' Span

Step 1: Epic Spic 'N' Span

We’re increasing our cleaning efforts all around camp using kid-friendly, virus-killing, state-of-the-art cleaners and encouraging campers to wash their hands frequently while at camp! If we keep it clean, we’ll keep it safe!

  • 🧽
    Increased Disinfecting
  • 🦠
    Anti-Microbial Treatments
  • 👏
    Frequent Handwashing
Step 2: Staff Training
Step 2: Staff Training

Step 2: Staff Training

While safety is already a top priority in our Staff Training -- we’re asking to our Summer Staff to be cautious and stay away from germs both while at camp and during their off time this summer!

  • 🏕
    Safety Training
Step 3: Check-Ups & Check-Ins
Step 3: Check-Ups & Check-Ins

Step 3: Check-Ups & Check-Ins

Campers will receive a pre-camp questionnaire to ensure they haven’t recently had COVID-19 symptoms or been exposed to someone who has. And since vaccines aren't required, we’ll do daily check-ins at overnight camps -- including temperature screenings for everyone.

We also believe a healthy camp starts at home! Click the buttons below to see our tips for the weeks leading up to camp to help keep everyone in your session safe.

  • 👩‍💻
    Pre-Camp Questionnaire for Everyone
  • 🌡
    Daily Screenings at Overnight Camps
  • 📝
    Pre-Camp Testing within 48 Hours at Overnight Camps

Potential Measures and Backup Plans

We recognize the COVID-19 situation can change pretty fast. While historically we’ve seen some of the lowest rates of COVID-19 during the summer months, we want to be ready for any potential variants or other situations that could come up. That’s why our team has created a few backup plans, in case we need to make quick adjustments.

Masks Welcomed, Not Required
Masks Welcomed, Not Required

Masks Welcomed, Not Required

As of now, masks are not required this summer, but they are welcomed for any families who prefer their camper wearing a mask. We will also have masks on site if the need arises. If we see the COVID-19 risk rise, we may start including mask-up moments at times in the camp day when the risk of spread is the highest. We're also training our staff to make sure campers or families who choose to wear a mask throughout the day feel supported and comfortable doing so.

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
    Pack a Mask, Just in Case
  • 😷
    Masks Welcomed, Not Required
Re-Imagined Programming
Re-Imagined Programming

Re-Imagined Programming

Last year we made some major adaptations to our programming. This year, we've returned most of those elements back to normal. However, our team is prepared for scenarios when we may need to make changes to programming. This includes the use of Family Groups, changes to closing and opening days of camp, and more if necessary.

  • 📝
    Plan for All Scenarios

**Last Update May 18th, 2022**

Disclaimer: These plans reflect what we believe are necessary measures in light of current local and national guidelines. These plans are subject to change as we get closer to summer, depending on how the situation evolves and in response to any future regulations.


More Detailed Information

Our team is watching the COVID-19 situation closely to ensure a safe experience for campers at all of our locations across many different states. We’re also paying attention to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Camping Association, and the Christian Camps and Conferences Association. 

COVID-19 Testing Requirement for Overnight Camps

Our team has been watching the COVID-19 situation closely as we prepare for camp this summer, including a recent uptick in cases. Our heart from the beginning has been getting back to normal, pre-pandemic programming for Summer 2022.  

As mentioned in the video above, we’ve been exploring potential ways to pre-screen Overnight campers. After considering all our options, and in order to feel confident in our return to normal programming, our team is requesting parents to partner with us and provide a negative rapid or PCR COVID-19 test for all Overnight campers within 48 hours of their session’s Spectacular Starting Sunday.  

  • All campers must present evidence of a COVID-19 test within 48 hours of Spectacular Starting Sunday at check in.
  • We will accept at-home rapid COVID tests as well as PCR tests.
  • Parents may bring a photo of the test to Spectacular Starting Sunday.

The testing requirement applies to all Overnight Camp locations with the exception of Family Camp. Due to the fact that families at WinShape Camps for Families do not share a cabin with other families, we believe this is an unnecessary measure. 

Reducing Contact at Camp

  • While we may keep some minor changes we put in place last year — like the optional express drop-off at our overnight camps — most of our programming is slated to return to normal. Our team has created alternate plans for things like opening and closing day, just in case we need to make adjustments.

Safety Protocols

  • Daily symptom and temperature screenings will be conducted for all campers and staff at our overnight locations.
  • Regular and methodical sanitization and cleaning processes will be conducted daily.
  • Healthy Camp Begins at Home! Check out these pre-camp recommendations for our overnight camps.
  • A pre-camp “health check” questionnaire will be sent out the week before your camper’s session. This survey will ask if your camper has been tested for COVID-19,  exposed to COVID-19 recently, or has shown any possible COVID-19 symptoms in the past 2 or 3 days. 
  • Additional questions have been added to the camper profile to ensure we know how to best care for your camper.
  • While we are encouraging Summer Staff to consider a COVID-19 vaccination, it is not being required in 2022. 
  • If a camper tests positive for COVID-19 at camp, they will be quarantined and sent home. Campers who are sent home due to a positive COVID-19 case will receive a pro-rated refund for any days missed.
  • We’re asking all campers to bring a mask to camp, even if they never use it. Depending on the current situation, we may reinstate some mask-up moments in situations where there is a high risk of COVID-19 spread. We’re also working to ensure families who prefer their campers wear a mask feel welcomed and supported in their decision.
  • We are currently considering COVID-19 testing for overnight campers prior to their registered week of camp. More guidance will be shared closer to the camp season as we look at all the factors involved.