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Summer 2021 Safety Updates

Summer Together

We’re so excited for camp this summer – camp together, in person, inside and outside and alongside our best friends. That’s the way it’s supposed to be!

Kids were made for this – for adventure and making friends and epic moments that just can’t be experienced behind a screen.

That’s why we’re doing everything we can to make in-person camp a reality this year, even if that means camp looking a little different. On this page you’ll find an overview of the current changes we have in place for this summer - all designed to keep staff, campers and families safe.

Summer Together

5 Big Ways We’re Making a Super Spectacular, Super Safe, Super Summer!

We believe if we can follow these 5 big steps, then campers will get to experience life-changing, memory-making, awesomeness all summer long! Disclaimer: These plans reflect what we believe are necessary measures in light of current case counts and local and national guidelines. These plans are subject to change as we get closer to summer, depending on how the situation evolves and in light of any future regulations.

Updated June 23rd, 2021

Step 1: Epic Spic 'N' Span
Step 1: Epic Spic 'N' Span

Step 1: Epic Spic 'N' Span

We’re increasing our cleaning efforts all around camp using kid-friendly, virus-killing cleaners and encouraging campers to wash their hands frequently while at camp! If we keep it clean, we’ll keep it safe!

  • 🧽
    Increased Disinfecting
  • 🦠
    Anti-Microbial Treatments
  • 👏
    Frequent Handwashing
Step 2: Re-Imagined Programming
Step 2: Re-Imagined Programming

Step 2: Re-Imagined Programming

We plan most elements of camp months in advance, so this year we reimagined every part of camp making some temporary changes including limiting capacity at all locations and placing campers in Family Groups who they will experience most of their camp day with! With these changes, campers won’t select Skills, but they’ll experience a variety of Skills throughout their camp week with their Family Group. We’ve also reimagined Check-In and Chick-fil-A Friday Family Fun Day to reduce the amount of grown-ups walking around campus.

  • 👧
    Limited Capacities
  • 👩‍👧‍👧
    Place Campers in Family Groups
  • 🏀
    Adapted Skills & Activities
  • 🐔
    Changes to Friday Family Fun Day
Step 3: Staff Training
Step 3: Staff Training

Step 3: Staff Training

We’ve separated our Staff Training across 6 different campuses for the first time ever making sure we get a healthy start to summer as over 650 Summer Staff come in from across the country. On top of that, we’re emphasizing with staff to think about safety first while at camp and during their off time this summer!

  • 📝
    Multi-Site Staff Training
  • 🥽
    Safety First Emphasis
Step 4: Check-Ups & Check-Ins
Step 4: Check-Ups & Check-Ins

Step 4: Check-Ups & Check-Ins

Campers will receive a pre-camp questionnaire to ensure they haven’t recently had COVID-19 symptoms or been exposed to someone who has. And since vaccines won’t be required this summer, we’ll do daily check-ins including temperature screenings for everyone.

We also believe a healthy camp starts at home! Click the buttons below to see our tips for the weeks leading up to camp to keep everyone in your session safe.

  • 👩‍💻
    Pre-Camp Questionnaire
  • 🌡
    Daily Screenings of Everyone
Step 5: Mask-Up Moments
Step 5: Mask-Up Moments

Step 5: Mask-Up Moments

Because of our reimagined programming, we’ve reduced the need for campers to wear masks at camp throughout the day, especially when in the hot outdoors. However, we will still have Mask-Up Moments at camp, especially when more than one Family Group is in the same space. Wearing a mask is a great opportunity for your camper to represent their Village, Club, Squad, Pack or Legacy this summer right on their faces!

  • ⚽️
    Updated Programming Reduces Mask Needs
  • ☀️
    Limiting Masks in Hot Outdoors
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
    In-Use Where Multiple Family Groups Present

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**Updated Regularly. Last Update May 27th, 2021**

Disclaimer: These plans reflect what we believe are necessary measures in light of current case counts and local and national guidelines. These plans are subject to change as we get closer to summer, depending on how the situation evolves and in light of any future regulations.


More Detailed Information

We are evaluating each camp location – overnight and day camp – and limiting capacity to ensure that we follow all state and local guidelines. We are committed to following any executive orders in the states in which we run camp.

Reducing Contact at Camp

  • In an effort to reduce camper contact where possible, we are implementing three levels of interaction at camp:
    • Family Groups: No more than 15 people. This group will be comprised of campers who have the least amount of restrictions around each other. This is the only group where campers may not be required to wear a mask. Campers will go through all Skills alongside their family group members.
      Please note: Campers will spend the greatest amount of time with this group in an effort to reduce the need for masks.
    • Community Group: No more than two Family Groups in a single location where campers can interact and experience camp activities together.  Masks will be required in this group.
    • Larger Groups/All Camp: Two or more Community Groups, including camp-wide gatherings. Social distancing measures will be implemented and masks are required.
    • Registration Caps: We have worked with each camp location across the country to set caps on the amount of campers per square foot that will be allowed in the facilities we use.
    • Dropoff/Pickup: We are modifying the drop-off and pick-up experiences to be safer, faster, and more efficient for your family. These may look different across camp locations based on local guidelines, but they’ll still be FUN!

Safety Protocols

  • Daily symptom and temperature screenings will be conducted for all campers and staff.
  • Regular and methodical sanitization and cleaning processes will be conducted daily.
  • Healthy Camp Begins At Home! Check out these pre-camp recommendations for day camps and for overnight camps.
  • Parents are encouraged to have their camper(s) quarantine 10 days prior to coming to camp, if possible. Doing so helps reduce the risk that any camper would unknowingly come to camp with the virus. Those in quarantine should stay home, separate themselves from others outside of their family, and monitor their health for any signs of illness.  
  • A pre-camp “health check” questionnaire will be sent out the week before your camper’s session. This survey will ask if your camper has been tested for COVID-19,  exposed to COVID in the past 14 days, or has shown any possible COVID symptoms in the past 2 or 3 days. 
  • Additional questions will be added to the camper profile to ensure we know how to best care for your camper.
  • While we are encouraging Summer Staff to get the vaccine, it is not being required in 2021. Unless staff are with their own Family Group, on stage or leading part of worship, they will be required to wear a mask.
  • If a camper tests positive for COVID-19, any other campers in their same Family Group who have been fully vaccinated* and are showing no COVID-19 symptoms will not be required to quarantine and go home. Any campers in that Family Group who are not fully vaccinated would still need to be quarantined and sent home for their safety and the safety of others.*Camper parent must be able to show proof of vaccination.
  • Campers will not be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccination before coming to camp. 

Updates for Skills at Camp

We’re changing up the way we do Skills as part of a bigger effort to keep campers safe. These changes will apply to both overnight and day camps.

  • Usually, a camper selects their Skills early on in the year through our registration system.
  • We then take those choices to place them in some of their preferred Skills, and once they get to camp they are in different Skills with different campers each time.
  • However, because we are working to keep groups more separated this year, campers will travel in what we are calling a Family Group, and they’ll do Skills together with those in their Family Group.
  • You will not select Skills through our registration system like normal. This is intentional.
  • This change will allow campers to experience more Skills than ever!

All Overnight Camps

  • Healthy Camp Starts at Home Resource: Check out this handy resource for ways you can prevent COVID-19 from spreading by preparing for camp in advance.
  • WinShape Camps for Families: We’ve added a brand new program for families this summer! This is a great option for families not ready to send their camper off on their own just yet! More information coming soon!
  • Open House: This year we are changing Open House to an online Q&A format, including virtual options to tour your camp location’s campus. This virtual event will take place on Saturday, April 24. More details will come via email, and a link to register will be shared on our social media channels in the coming weeks.
  • Parent/Camper Handbook: Because the Parent/Camper Handbook won’t be emailed until April to allow for the most up-to-date information to be shared, we have released our Camp-Wide Events (Nite Lifes, Late Nites, etc.) early so you can go ahead and start planning! Find those by visiting the blog page on our website.
  • Pre-Camp Testing: We are currently considering COVID-19 test requirements for overnight campers prior to their registered week of camp. More guidance will be shared closer to camp season if a decision is made to require this precaution for campers.

Location Specific Updates: WinShape Camps for Girls and Boys at Mt. Berry

  • For Summer 2021 we’ve decided to divide our two-week sessions at Mount Berry and make them one-week sessions, which will allow us to essentially cut our number of campers on campus at one time in half.
  • This gives us plenty of physical space on campus to provide an incredible camp experience while keeping our campers safe and healthy.
  • Families will have the choice to pick either the first or second week of their registered session to attend this summer.
  • The exceptions to this plan are our adventure cohorts, the Taiga Village (formerly Creek) and Elk Pack (formerly Sioux), which will remain two-week experiences this summer.
  • The change in session length will be reflected in a new, reduced price of $824 with the exception of Taiga Village and Elk Pack mentioned above.
  • We are also going to keep our girls and boys camp programs completely separate this summer in an effort to reduce contact where possible, and more details on what those measures will look like will be shared in an upcoming monthly update.
  • This is not a permanent change. We love our two-week sessions! The shift to one-week sessions is a necessary change to this summer only as we work to find ways to do camp safely.
  • Families who want to send their camper for 2 weeks still may choose to look at our one-week programs at Young Harris, Cleveland, or Cohutta Springs.
  • Watch this video for more information.

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