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WinShape Camps for Girls two-week overnight camp at Mt. Berry is a two-week overnight camp experience for girls that have completed grades 1-11.
Located on the beautiful mountain campus of Berry College, WinShape Camps offers girls of all ages the summer of a lifetime through sports and recreation, arts and crafts, exploration and adventure, worship, Bible study and so much more! At camp you will be assigned to one of six Tribes depending on your age, and then you’ll spend two full weeks working together, playing together, laughing together and growing closer to God… together. What could be more awesome than that?
Camper Groups
While you’re here, you’ll live in dorm-like rooms with bunk beds, plenty of storage and bathrooms just for your group. Our camper to staff ratio is about 5 to 1, so you’ll always be around girls you know, and you’ll discover friendships that will last forever! Come on up to Mt. Berry and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.   The camper groups below reflect completed grades.
Junior Camp:
  • Chippewa: grades 1-3
  • Chickasaw: grades 4-5
Senior Camp:
  • Cheyenne: grades 6-7
  • Cherokee: grades 8-9
  • Catawba: grades 10-11
  • Creek: grade 11
two-week session rates



Creek Adventure Program

2018 Session 1

June 3 – June 15

2018 Session 2

June 17 – June 29

2018 Session 3

July 1 – July 13

2018 Session 4

July 15 – July 27

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Camp Activities


Grab your bow and arrow, and let’s head on down to the archery range!

New in 2016!


Lace up your shoes, grab a friend, and let’s learn the basics of round ball!

New in 2016!

Basketball 2.0

Ready to play some serious hoops? We’ll work on some fundamentals (emphasis on the fun!), but you’ll get the chance to really show us what you’ve got with this Skill. *This Skill is for campers that have played for 2 or more years. (Completed grades 6-11.)

New in 2016!


Girls, let’s get excited as we grab our megaphones and pom-poms and jump into a new routine this summer. (Completed grades 1st-5th grade only)

New in 2016!

Corner Cafe

Join us as we discuss Annie Downs’ new book, Speak Love. As we talk through this inspiring book, we will learn how to use our words in a way that encourages others and glorifies God. (Completed grades 6-11.)

New in 2016!

Crazy for Horses

Learn all there is to know about feeding, nutrition, grooming, shelter, health and safety for your favorite animal. (Completed grades 1-5.)

New in 2016!


Learn different styles of dance and laugh our way through some smooth, new moves!

New in 2016!

Digital Photography

Learn all about the basic concepts and skills needed to point, click, produce and share incredible photos using a digital camera!

New in 2016!

Drawing & Painting

Grab your brushes, paint, pencils, pens and sketchbooks and create paintings, sketches and drawings you’ll be proud to share with friends and family.

New in 2016!

Fashion Design

Do you love the world of fashion? Have you ever wished you could create your own fashion line? By learning the essentials of sewing, you may be taking your first step toward designing your own fashionista wardrobe! It all begins with a needle and thread. So come join in on the fabric fun as we work on designing a piece of clothing from start to finish.

New in 2016!

Field Games

Coming Soon!

New in 2016!


Whether it’s Zumba, Cross-fit, or HIIT, we all know that there’s no shortage of trending workouts out these days. But “What about a workout that we can stick with for the long haul?” you ask. Have no fear! In our Fitness breakout we will learn the basics of keeping a consistently fit lifestyle, while trying out some fun exercises!

New in 2016!

Gourmet Chef

Learn the fine art of cooking and baking as you prepare recipes for fellow campers and then surprise your friends and family with deliciousness when you get home!

New in 2016!


Get ready to learn the basics of gymnastics while jumping off the vault, balancing on the beam, and tumbling on the mats. (Completed grades 1st-5th only)

New in 2016!

Hand Crafts

Cut, fold, glue, paint, scribble, paste and draw. Join us and create the most unique crafts at camp!

New in 2016!

Horseback Riding

Learn safety procedures and basic riding and grooming skills, and ride the trails of WSC. *Jeans and riding boots are required!  No exceptions! Campers without boots or long pants will be placed in a different Skill other than horseback riding. Helmets are provided. For safety reasons, space is limited to eight campers per Skill class.

New in 2016!

Horseback Riding 2.0

Have you had previous experience riding horses and are now ready to take it to the next level? Then join us for Horseback Riding 2.0! (Completed grades 6-11)* Jeans and riding boots are required! Campers without boots or long pants will be placed in a different Skill other than Horseback Riding 2.0. Half-chaps are encouraged, but not required. Helmets are provided. This Skill is for campers who have previous experience riding horses.

New in 2016!

Impact 360 Propel

This program is designed to deepen one’s faith and foster growth in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn about servant leadership, biblical worldview and vocational calling. This Skill takes up 2 Skill periods. (Completed 8th-11th grade only)

New in 2016!

Indoor Rock Climbing

Learn the basics of rock climbing while challenging yourself to reach new heights!

New in 2016!

Lake Life

New in 2016!

Mountain Biking

Learn safety and general maintenance related to off-road biking and experience the beautiful trails and back roads at camp.

New in 2016!

Musical Theatre

Learn more about the acting, singing and putting on productions as you prepare for an incredible performance at the end of camp!

New in 2016!

Outdoor Living

Learn about camping and other exciting outdoor elements that will be sure to bring out your sense of adventure and a better understanding of the world around us!

New in 2016!


Learn the basics of working with clay, using a potter’s wheel and glazing. Friends and family will be amazed when you bring home your finished creations!

New in 2016!

Rollin’ Rollin’

Why always walk around campus when you can roll instead? Learn to roller blade as we cruise down the sidewalks, skate figure eights, and play super fun roller games! We’ll teach you everything you need to know. So strap on those elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets and let’s get rollin’! (Completed grades 1-5.)

New in 2016!

Sew Much Fun

Learn the essentials of needlework and your first steps toward designing your own fashionista wardrobe!

New in 2016!


Have fun in the sun while learning the basics of freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. (Completed grades 1-5.)

New in 2016!

Team Building

The Adventure Challenge Course at WinShape Camps will challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually, and you might just make a few lifelong friends along the way! *This Skill takes up 2 Skill periods. (Completed grades 6-11.)

New in 2016!


Learn the basics of Tennis, including backhand and forehand swings, volleys and serves. Advanced campers will work on footwork and stroke technique. So, grab your racket and let’s get swinging!

New in 2016!


Get ready for some fun as you learn to serve, pass, set and spike! (Completed 6th-11th grade only)

New in 2016!

Volleyball 2.0

Already know the basics? Play on a team at school? Take your volleyball skills to the next level in this more “advanced” Skill! (Completed grades 6-11) This Skill is for campers who have previous experience in volleyball.

New in 2016!

Wacky Science

Have a blast using a hands-on approach to exciting and fun science experiments. (Completed grades 1-5 only)

New in 2016!

Camp Schedule

Junior Camp
7:30 AM
Rise & Shine5B4Breakfast
Jump Start Cabin Devo
10:00 AM
Skill 1 / Skill 4 Skill 2 / Skill 5 Skill 3 / Skill 6
1:00 PM
5B4 Lunch
1:45 PM
Cabin Kickback
2:50 PM
Spic’n’span J-CAT
3:55 PM
Tribal Activity
4:55 PM
Camper Free Time 5B4
5:55 PM
6:40 PM
Nite Life Prep & Nite Life
8:30 PM
Suds’n’duds Cabin Huddle
9:30 PM
Camper Lights Out
Senior Camp
7:40 AM
Rise & Shine5B4Breakfast
8:40 AM
Devo & Journal TimeSpic’n’Span
10:00 AM
Jump Start Cabin Devo
11:10 AM
Tribal Activity
12:05 PM
5B4 Lunch
12:50 PM
Cabin Kickback
2:00 PM
Skill 1 / Skill 4 Skill 2 / Skill 5 Skill 3 / Skill 6
5:00 PM
Camper Free Time
6:00 PM
5B4 Dinner
6:45 PM
Nite Life Prep & Nite Life
9:00 PM
9:30 PM
Cabin Huddle
10:00 PM
Camper Lights Out

Our Facilities

Our camp facilities are safe, fun and fully-equipped for the summer of a lifetime – no matter where your WinShape Camps experience takes you!

the julia tarter scholarship fund

As a tribute to this amazing young woman, WinShape Camps for Girls is establishing a scholarship in her name. Each year one girl camper, who has completed grades 6-11, will be selected to receive this scholarship.

50% Gift for First-time Campers

Are you a first-time WinShape camper?
Register now and receive 50% off of your first overnight experience at WinShape Camps! This gift cannot be combined with any other offer. Valid only for first-time overnight campers at WinShape Camps for Boys and WinShape Camps for Girls.