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WinShape Camps for Girls at Cohutta Springs is a one-week overnight camp experience for girls who have completed grades 9-12.
WinShape Camps for Girls at Cohutta Springs is a one-week camp exclusively for high school girls who have completed grades 9-12. With an emphasis on leadership, spiritual development, and community, this camp offers water sports, outdoor recreation, and a little friendly competition thrown in for good measure. Our evening worship services are full of impactful content and engaging worship designed to lead into small group moments. During these moments, campers will dig deeper into the content throughout the week. Within our community-focused environment, campers are also free to select activities and breakouts that uniquely appeal to them; and they will have plenty of time to simply relax, as well. In this significant chapter of life, we’ll challenge high school girls to leave a legacy that will last beyond the Summer of a Lifetime.
Camper Groups
Upon registering for camp, you will instantly enter into a Legacy of other girls in your grade. Legacies are life-long and move up with your grade each summer as you return to camp.
  • Completed Grade 9
  • Completed Grade 10
  • Completed Grade 11
  • Completed Grade 12
*Upon completing registration, you will be notified of your Legacy assignment in the Spring!
2019 Week 1

June 9 – June 14

2019 Week 2

June 16 – June 21

2019 Week 3

June 23 – June 28

2019 Week 4

June 30 – July 5

Camp Activities


Ready… Aim... Shoot! Grab your bow and arrow, and let’s head on down to the archery range where we will learn all the basics of archery! Come ready to learn safety, care of equipment, and proper technique, all while getting hands-on experience! No need to worry, Mom and Dad. Campers will only be shooting at approved targets!

New in 2016!

Bible Study

As a believer, it’s important that you have a basic understanding of how to study God’s Word. In this Breakout, you will learn various techniques and principles for accurately observing and interpreting Scripture and applying it to your every-day life. We will dive deeper into the summer’s theme through the lens of history, context, and application. We will engage with the text by learning to use enlightening study tools such as a concordance, a commentary, and an open Bible.

New in 2016!

Bubble Soccer

Ready for some competition and a whole lot of laughs? Join this Breakout and play Bubble Soccer! You’ll bounce and bump your way down the field while having a great time!

New in 2016!


Lines, loops, and lovely letters. In this Skill, you’ll learn everything you need to know about calligraphy! Grab your friends, and spend some time learning the art of beautifully handwritten script, using mediums ranging from ink to watercolors. Hone your DIY skills as we create Pinterest-worthy cards, crafts, and other creations! (Completed Grades 6-11 Only)

New in 2016!


With a little Pinspiration, DIY motivation, and washi tape, you are bound to make all of your crafty dreams come true here. Prepare to experience creative bliss as you join us in cutting, gluing, and painting some of the most unique hand crafts to be found. Get excited to bring all your handmade crafts home and show them off to the rest of your family.

New in 2016!


So, you think you can dance? Grab your dancing shoes and meet us on the dance floor to groove along as we learn different styles of dance and laugh our way through some smooth moves!

New in 2016!

Digital Photography

Grab your camera! We’re taking a trip around campus to grab some great shots. We’ll focus on photo composition, flash, indoor and outdoor pictures, and action shots. You will have the chance to print your best photo and put it on display in a photo of the week contest. Who knows, we may have the next National Geographic photographer among us! Test out the skills you learn in this Breakout on your Instagram feed (as soon as you get your phone back)!

New in 2016!

Donuts & Diplomas

Pull up a chair, grab a donut, and let’s sit around the table talking about college. Are you wondering about studying? Making the most out of a small dorm room? How to get involved? How to stay healthy? Join us to find answers to these questions and many more. You’ll be ready to head off to CHEM 1001 in no time!

New in 2016!


We all know there is no shortage of trending workouts. While trends may come and go, a healthy lifestyle is always important. Join in and learn how you can have fun while working out and staying healthy. You may get a little sweaty, but exercising in the WinShape Nation is sure to be the most fun exercising you’ll ever do!

New in 2016!

Gourmet Chef

Look out, the new Iron Chef may be sizzlin’ right here in the WinShape Nation! Campers will learn the fine art of cooking and baking as they prepare some scrumptious dishes and treats. Whether you feel at home in the kitchen or you’re interested in learning more about cooking, this is just for you. Each camper will receive her very own recipe book, so you can cook with WinShape flare all year long!

New in 2016!

Lake Life

Canoeing and paddle boarding are the perfect way to explore the beautiful lake around Cohutta Springs. No matter your skill level, you will love your time enjoying nature while you navigate the crystal water together with friends.

New in 2016!

Life Hacks

Get a head start on a few skills that can help conquer life after high school. Learn how to do laundry, create a budget, pack a suitcase, change a tire, and effectively manage your time. Let us help prepare you for the transition to “adulting.” It doesn’t have to be scary!

New in 2016!


Come learn practical steps to making disciples in every-day life. You’ll hear about different missions experiences, learn about how your faith can impact others at home or in countries far away, and explore your own circle of influence; all while learning what it means to be on mission for the Lord in any season of your life.

New in 2016!

Outdoor Living

Breathe in the fresh air and take in the nature all around. There’s no better place to get familiar with the outdoors than at camp! Come learn the secret to making the perfect campfire and building a lean-to shelter. In this Breakout, you’ll learn all the things to know about living outdoors!

New in 2016!


Who says you’re too old to play games in the pool? Let’s have some fun in the sun! Throw in the pool noodles, turn up the jams, and get ready to show off your favorite strokes while synchronize swimming with friends! We’ll do it all and you are sure to have a blast!

New in 2016!

Team Building

You will begin this quest as an individual, but you will grow to be part of a team. Learn to laugh, grow, and journey onward and upward, linked with others. Team Building is a Breakout that focuses on using fun, challenging activities to develop an understanding of team dynamics and leadership.

New in 2016!


Bump, Set, Spike! Lady WinShapers, get ready to learn the fundamentals of this popular game! If you are not an experienced volleyball player, that’s okay - this is still for you! You will learn and improve your skills in serving, passing, setting, blocking, digging, and spiking. Set your sights high as you learn how to play and work together as a team on and off the court!

New in 2016!


Camp is such a great place to get away from the noise of a busy world, turn off your buzzing phone notifications and enjoy some time to think while surrounded by beautiful nature. Time to unplug and recharge is important, but in this Breakout, we’re going to take it a step further. You’ll have some time to clear your mind, talk about being “presently mindful,” and do some yoga.

New in 2016!

Camp Schedule

Camp Schedule
8:15 AM
9:00 AM
Morning Devotion
9:15 AM
Personal Devo Time
10:00 AM
Skill Breakout #1
11:00 AM
Skill Breakout #2
12:00 PM
1:15 PM
Adventure Rotations [Blob, Water Slide, Rope Swing, Tubing, Zip line, Flying Chair, Pool, etc.]
3:15 PM
Kick Back
4:15 PM
Color War/Leadership Breakout
5:15 PM
Free Time
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
8:15 PM
Cabin Devo
9:15 PM
Late Nite
10:15 PM
11:00 PM
Lights Out
Check Out Our 2019 Late Nites! View 2019 Late Nite Information

Our Facilities

Our camp facilities are safe, fun and fully equipped for the summer of a lifetime – no matter where your WinShape Camps experience takes you!