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Summer Staff Selection Process

Each year, WinShape Camps hires some of the most passionate, energetic, and talented young men and women on the planet to help inspire, teach, lead, nurture, and grow our campers. Over the course of several months throughout each year, WinShape Camps visits colleges and universities all over the nation to identify the most qualified summer staff candidates.

We employ summer staff who are gifted in specific areas of camp life, including: counselors, worship leaders & speakers, actors, skill instructors, and much more. Our staff are interviewed extensively to insure they are spiritually grounded in their faith as they seek to help make a forever-difference in the lives of campers. For summer 2017, WinShape Camps received nearly 2,200 applications and interviewed over 1,000 new applicants. We hired 740+ college-aged students with a 40% return rate of previous summer staff. Our summer staff in 2018 will come from more than 25 states and 100 universities across the nation to serve campers this summer!

Summer Staff

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Meet Our Leadership

Ken Thomas

Senior Director of WinShape Camps

Ken graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in education and from Southwestern Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity, then he earned a Doctorate of Education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Today, he combines his great education with his passion for teaching, serving and leading young people through remarkable experiences, like WinShape Camps.  He began his work in camp ministry in 1989 as a summer staffer and has served in various capacities over the years. Ken is also President of Connect Ministries which helps churches connect with their community through a variety of resources.  He teaches 7th grade Sunday School at his local church and enjoys preaching and speaking at churches and conferences. He and his wife, Norma, have three children-- Nathan, Anna and Blake.

David "Speedy" Trejo

Director of WinShape Camps for Boys

Speedy is what we like to call a “lifer” around WinShape Camps. He’s been with us since the very beginning (1985), and has served in just about every role imaginable. He’s been our Director at WinShape Camps for Boys for the past 16 years, and it just keeps getting better! Today, he works year-round to make sure our campers experience the summer of a lifetime each and every year at WinShape Camps. Speedy and his wife Julie, and their two children, Addie Grace and Darrell, make their home in Mt. Berry, Georgia at WinShape Camps.

Amy Lowe

Director of WinShape Camps for GIrls

Amy comes to WinShape from Nashville, Tennessee, where she most recently served with LifeWay Christian Resources. While there, she served as the Manager of Adult Publishing, where she was responsible for developing resources for numerous well-known authors. Prior to that, she was a Camp Coordinator for five years. She met her husband, Matt, as a Camp Director for FUGE. Amy graduated from Samford University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration before going on to Fuller Theological Seminary to earn her Master of Arts in Theological Studies. She and Matt have two children, Claire and Jack. Amy loves camp ministry, and has the ability and passion to continue to make WinShape Camps for Girls the finest girls camp in the nation!

Gabe Norris

Director of WinShape Camps for Communities

Gabe is a teacher, preacher, speaker, leader and all-around nice guy. He has been involved in various camp ministry leadership roles for more than 16 years, and he is the co-founder of Connect Ministries. Today, Gabe serves as Director of WinShape Camps for Communities, where he helps create WinShape Camps experiences in communities all over the nation. Gabe and his wife, Allyson, live in Bishop, Georgia, with their three daughters – Neely, Ansley Jane, and Audrey Rose.

Moe Bomer

Director of Support Services

Moe has been around youth camps his entire life – first as a camper, but also as a dedicated counselor, coach and camp director at Crosspoint Christian Sports Camps. He also served Camp Coordinator at LifeWay Christian Resources for several years working primarily with Crosspoint and Centri-Kid Camps. He has experience in the recruitment and training of camp counselors as well as camp programming and marketing. When WinShape Camps for Communities was just beginning, he served as a consultant and helped set the course for what our day camps have become today. In addition to a lot of camp experience, Moe has held positions as a church business administrator, minister of sports and recreation and the campus minister at the University of Texas in Austin, TX. As Director of Support Services at WinShape Camps, Moe is responsible for the staff development, customer care and marketing teams. All three of these teams provide critical support to Camps for Girls, Camps for Boys, and Camps for Communities. He and his wife, Jamie have three children— Josh, Jared, and Sophie.

WinShape Camps for Girls Staff

Chelsea Fenn
Operations Coordinator
Christa von Borstel
Event Coordinator
Haley Hand
Activities Coordinator
Jennifer Strickland
Camper Care Coordinator
Erin Cronin
Operations Specialist
Haley Hawkins
Operations Specialist
Kaytlynn Clemons
Operations Specialist
Kimberly Holcomb
Events Specialist
Payton Quinlan
Events Specialist
Abigail Reed
Activities Specialist
Christian Maynard
Activities Specialist
Marla Hollis
Camper Care Specialist
Cami McFarland
Camper Care Specialist
Katie Crumbley
Camper Care Specialist
Marci Stephens
Administrative Specialist
Erika Reiner
Program Apprentice
Madison Jackson
Logistics Apprentice
Marissa Jackson
Events Apprentice
Shelby Gilreath
Activities Intern
Abigail King
Camper Care Intern

WinShape Camps for Boys Staff

Keenan Riley
Camper Care Coordinator
Jimmy Simpson
Program Coordinator
Mark Ellison
Operations Coordinator
Mary Lindsay Bailey
Administrative Specialist
Trey Northrop
Camper Care Specialist
Kolby Watt
Activities Coordinator
Troy Vander Hoek
Events Specialist
Blake Lorow
Activities Specialist
Johnny Codington
Activities Specialist
Harrison Lanier
Operations Specialist
Jacob Fix
Operations Specialist
Ben Pearman
Program Specialist
Andrew Neal
Operations Apprentice
Austin Tibbetts

WinShape Camps for Communities Staff

Sallie Starrett
WinShape Camps for Communities Manager
Bekah Grizzard
Operations Coordinator
Jordan Nations
Camp Development Coordinator
Brandan Ritchey
Program Specialist
Emily Peters
Host Development Specialist
Jessica Beeler
Host Development Specialist
Antonio Del Sesto
Host Development Apprentice
Emma Brown
Host Development Apprentice
Kirsten Swanda
Host Development Apprentice
Anna Johns
Logistics Apprentice
Marissa Beindorf
Logistics Apprentice
Francesca Garcia
Programming Apprentice
Morgan Barnes
Programming Apprentice
Justice Barker
Staff Apprentice
Spencer Singletary
Logistics Intern

WinShape Camps Support Services Staff

Stephen Moore
Staff Development Manager
Bryant Malone
Marketing Manager
Travis Hawkins
Creative Services Manager
Margaret Sharpe
Administrative Assistant
Lisa Stone
Customer Care Coordinator
Caleb Hand
Staff Development Operations Coordinator
Susie Julian
Healthcare Coordinator
Greg Saffles
Marketing Coordinator
Heather Wetherington
Graphic Design Lead Coordinator
Colton Weeks
Graphic Design Coordinator
Kevin Smith
Staff Development Recruiting Coordinator
Alison Rice
Staff Development Program Specialist
Katie Caro
Staff Development Operations Specialist
Mackenzie Cato
Staff Development Recruiting Specialist
Daniela Rueda
Marketing Event Specialist
Emily Brewer
Customer Care Specialist
Danielle Cofer
Customer Care Operations Specialist
Natalie Beirne
Customer Care Specialist
Parker Smith
International Specialist
Sydney Smith
Staff Development Program Apprentice
Tatianna Grodecky
Marketing Apprentice
Katelyn Brook
Marketing Intern
Erica Lundak
International Intern
Sara Jones
Sales Contractor